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What is everyone's opinion on Maybelline makeup?
I was eyeing their stuff today, swatching some of the Dream Mousse Shadows and thought they might be good as e/s base.
Are there some Maybelline products that are more worth having than others?


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The only Maybelline product I have is one of their Moisture Extreme lipsticks and I love it. I have it in Nude Blush, and on my medium pigmented lips, it's a perfect peachy/slightly brown nude. It is cucumber melon scented, but that doesn't bother me. It's a pretty subtle scent.


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Maybelline is one of my FAV drugstore lines! Here's a few staples I'd recommend:
-Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara: this gives the best fat lashes but doesnt make lashes look dry (I've gone through at least 12 different mascaras babe)
-Expert Wear Blush Duo: one for colour, one for highlighting
-Pure Foundation: great for summer or oilier skins...mix it with a touch of lotion for everyday wear
-Mousse Shadow: I just got this in "Ivory Illusions" haven't tested it out on my eyes yet but seems good as a base.


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maybelline's unstoppable eyeliner - I love using it under my eyeshadows, and it lasts forever when I use it alone. :]


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i've only tried their lipgloss

I think it's also great, its not that sticky and has good pigmentation, considering the price you pay


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i really like some of the maybelline products...

1. lash discovery mascara -> i LOVE this stuff! mainly b/c of the mini brush b/c i'm clumsy and tend to poke my eyes out with a regular mascara brush
but it's a nice mascara. i haven't had any problems with clumping or flaking and even tho i already have long lashes, it makes them longer. some mascaras feel kind of "crunchy" and make your lashes feel brittle but lash discovery doesn't do that. i wear it for both daytime/casual & night time but it's not like, overly dramatic. the mini brush is also very useful for applying mascara to your lower lashes as well, but that was always a look that never suited me.

2. full 'n soft mascara -> i love this stuff too - it lengthens and makes my lashes more full for a healthier look.

3. the rollercolor loose shadows -> these have been discontinued but i really liked them...the rollerball was sometimes a little awkward and cumbersome and didn't roll, but you could easily take it off and pour the product into a pigment jar and voila! instant pigment. the colors were pretty and shimmery and they had good color payoff.

4. dream mousse blush -> wonderful texture and very easy to blend. it's cheap, too! i have this in peach satin.


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I really like Lash Sylist mascasa and XXL and a few others. I also like a few of the Shiny-licious glosses. Other than than I hate Maybelline. The Dream Mousse eyeshadow suck in my opionion. They aren't even a good base.


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1. Intense XXL Mascara: I haven't used the primer yet, but the mascara itself is great!! It makes my lashes full and long!!

2. Dream Mousse Blush: I own all but Coffee Cake and I love them all! They give me that glow from within and they make my powder blushes last a lot longer!!

3. Expert Wear Blush: I really like them, they're finelly milled and quite pigmented!

4. Lash Expansion Mascara (regular + waterproof): Long and full lashes!

5. Shiny-Licious Lip Gloss: I love their sponge tip applicator, they last well and I love the colors too!


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I love maybelline!
Its basically the only mascara I like. Ive tried basially all of them and havent founda nything bad about them! my fave is sky high curves.

I also like their shadows and lipsticks. I hated the dream matte mousse collection but other than that I like pretty much everything else ive tried!

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They have some nice lipsticks/glosses... But I've had mixed results with their mascaras. I had like Wonder Curl back when I was like 12? and it was actually really nice, but I tried one in a blue tube that was like something or another professional and I didn't like that one, and I didn't like the "Great Lash" one it smudges onto my brow bone without fail everytime I wear it.

I tried their Volume Express or Mega Volume? Or something like that which was in a really thick black tube, and it was okay, I didn't really notice much volumizing...


maybelline's my favourite brand, since its affordable :] greatlash is my favourite mascara, its good for everyday wear and such...i have a couple of the eyeshadow quads, they have really nice colours too. the pure foundation is really good stuff, i dont like the matte mousse one though..

Soph xo


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oh, I forgot to mention my mascaras.
note that I only use waterproof - if it isnt waterproof, Im done for, because my allergies like to flare up early in the morning, and my eyes are constantly watery. ;-;

Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara
- first tried this when I was 14 or 15, maybe, and its been a staple of mine ever since. it clumps only when you overdo it, no more than two coats should do it - and it lasts all day, even through humid louisiana weather.

Lash Stylish Mascara - very lovely, this stuff. only tiff is that WAY too much mascara is on the comb - I take a washcloth, and use that to take off the excess, then I use it on my lashes. it gives me the look of falsies, which is fab, and gives me that wide awake look I long for, since I stay up quite late. this also lasts all day, but the bad part is that its difficult to take off!

XXL mascara - ahhh yes...this stuff is infamous. this one was kinda iffy with me. the primer was lush, and the mascara too, but together? ehh, not so much. it took a lot of work for me to get the mascara to cover the primer, and sometimes I succeeded [but with lots of clumping]; but sometimes, I'd step outside, check my compact, and lo and behold...bits of white primer is visible. so depressing! so it wasnt a favourite of mine.

besides that, Ive used the maybelline pure foundation, which was...interesting. they dont have my shade, so the one I had was too dark, but I lightened it up with my powder. it was buildable too, but it never fully covered my pores, and its horrible for humid and warm weather - it runs and when it dries...oy. not pretty. good only for ladies with perfect skin, really.

otherwise, Ive never really tried anything by maybelline, except for the aforementioned unstoppable liner, which is a godsend for me. I have been meaning to try the dream mousse blusher, though...nothin I love more than a decent blusher! ;]


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I was in Don Quiote and picked up a couple Dream Matte powder compacts. Not much powder in them, but they are awesome!!!!OMG. and their are not fakey,weird powdery powders. Awesome. I love XXL mascara. It doesn't clump,people think I had extensions done. Their waterproof liquid liner has a newformula which is awful. I grew up one it, and when it changed,I went to NARS or Max Factor waterproof,or Wet and Wild.I like their lip liners and glosses. The sparkley ones in the tube. Their moisture lipstick is thin and runny and useless,but the colors are ok. Maybelline generally has improved.


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So far I really like Maybelline on a biased point of view.

Because I'm allergic to Sulfa products (ex:laurel sulfate, barium sulfate), Maybelline seemed to not have sulfa in their products, though some do, and I avoid those.

Full n' Soft Mascara:
A wonderful mascara. I've got thin short Asian lashes and this mascara keeps its word. Most mascaras I've tested out (practically 15, no joke) felt so stiff on my lashes and made them brittle as well as fall out. Not this mascara. Not only is this one of the VERY FEW mascaras that doesn't have sulfa to get me an allergic reaction, but my lashes feel soft with them and full, just like the name. I got a good amount of length with this mascara too. Not as much as I wanted though, but at least it gave some length rather than none. I also like how this mascara doesn't weigh down my lashes too and it doesn't de-curl my lashes (unless I gunk a whole bunch of the mascara all on at one time). I <3 this mascara

Dream Mousse Blush #30 Whipped Strawberries:
It's okay. It's actually not as great as I thought because it has almost no staying power at all. I do like the cream-to-powder feel of it and it doesn't dry out or make my skin oilier either. It's in the middle. It takes a couple of layering to get a good color on my light skin. After putting on like the first couple of layers, it looks like I have a lot of blush on because of the contact of my fingers rubbing my face from applying it on, but after a little bit, the redness goes away from all the rubbing and you see your result, and a lot of times it still seems a bit light. This color probably isn't the right shade for me. I think I should have gotten a more subtle pink. I also wished the pot was less glass. It's just so chunky and heavy to put into a purse so I wish the glass was not so thick. I'd give this blush at most 3/5.

Turbo Boost Mascara: I liked that it didn't clump my lashes and also my lashes felt soft, but unfortunately it did didally squat for volume and length and curl altogether. Maybe it was just my lashes that were stubborn with it but I wasn't too thrilled with this mascara. It's probably better on other people because I heard good stuff about this mascara.

I have yet to try their concealer stick because it made it on Allure's top beauty products, but I'm a little bit scared to try it because it has Mineral Oil and that clogs pores. It also has Bismuth Oxycholoride and I think I'm allergic to that I'm pretty discouraged to try it, but they do have another liquid concealer that also had good ratings without those ingredients.


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i like (L-R) watershine diamonds 119 innocent diamonds,water shine 03 cotton candy, forever sunlight 612 lilac light, water shine fusion 715 rose energy.(first with flash, second without it)
I also like the dream matt mousse foundation

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