My Maybelline Faves:

Full n' Soft Mascara - All time favourite mascara, always go back to this 'scara even if it has been reformulated by L'Oreal
Dream Mousse Blush in Whipped Strawberries - Lovely colour for porcelain skins with a nice twist of fun and a hell of a lot cheaper than clinique's whipped ones.
Turbo Boost Mascara (x7): One of the best thickening 'scara on the market regardless of price.
Define a Brow pencil - such a pro product even if the package looks as cheap as chips
I like the price and performace of their long wear lipstick remover which I use to clean my lip brushes. Does a great job.

Only peeve is their steady price increase ever since L'Oral bought them out. They used to be so much cheaper and their mascaras were even better before their numerous subtle reformulations.
i love the eyeshadows, powder blushes and the "everfresh" concealer!
but i'm very disappointed of the mascaras (they clump) except the "define a lash" one and about the dream matte mousse foundation (it crumbles so much when you apply it and the colours look all so red)!


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I like their mascaras, that's prolly the only items I have bough from them
My fav's are the XXL and define-a-lash (the pink one) mascaras.


I love Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind. It really made my face fresh and dewy-looking...and it's cheap! I also like the 2-in-1 Instant Age Rewind concealer/highlighter...preferably the highlighter side. I want to try the dream matte mousse next.


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Originally Posted by missmakeup
I love Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind. It really made my face fresh and dewy-looking...and it's cheap! I also like the 2-in-1 Instant Age Rewind concealer/highlighter...preferably the highlighter side. ...

I'd have to agree, this is a good concealer, d/s or not. I've used it for a few years now (alternating with MAC Studio fix concealer, L'ancome and the Mineral concealer from Maybelline). I use it more than all the others. Since they added the highlighter, I do use it quite a bit. Mostly to blend in with concealer. The mix makes it more natural looking, tends to blend easier, w/o compromising the coverage. Good product IMO!!

I've tried their lipsticks, glosses and powder e/s over the years, but they've all ended up in the makeup graveyard. The only other product from Maybelline that I like is the oil-free eye makeup remover.


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I only buy their mascara. My favourites are Great Lash, Volum' Express mascara and Define A Lash, all in waterproof.


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i like their mascaras except great lash. i hate that more than any other mascara i've ever tried. i also tried out their age rewind liquid foundation but it wasn't anything spectacular but it wasn't bad


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I love love love the mousse foundation. the only problem i have is i grabed a shade to dark, but it really isnt noticable.
But i really like it, and its so light and a little goes a long way. I find if i set it with power it last all day, just needing maybe a little touch up 10 hours in. Its really good in my opinion, and since im on a small budget being a high school student, the price is excellent.


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I used to use the maybelline purestay powder & foundation SPF 15 in golden.
Now, I use the maybelline mineral power finishing veil powder in medium.
Something about their foundations/powders etc. make you look flawless.
I also
their mascaras.
Maybelline XXL Volume and Length Washable Microfiber Mascara gives you the best lengthening ever IMO.
Also have to try the Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara in Soft Black. Very clean look, no clumps whatsoever.


I love their Dream Matte Powder in Cream (light 4-5).I use a brush instead of the puff applicator, and it gives good light coverage on its own,without foundation.
I also love their Mineral Power foundation in Classic Ivory (light 2).It evens out my skin and it feels very light on my skin.


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Define-A-Lash Volume!!! I tried it today, and it's is AWESOME!!! it's comparable to my Dior Iconic for a third of the price!!!


I actually like their eyeshadows...I haven't tried any of the singles, but I have their quad in Enchanted Forest, and the quality and pigmentation of those shadows are fabulous!


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i used Maybelline mascara. I dont remember its name now but it was in a blue tube and waterproof. I like it. Also i have Maybelline mono eyeshadows in Amazon Green, Seashell\ Coquillage and Emerald Diamonds. What i like about M e/s is that they are pigmented enough according to the price.

I have always wanted to try M dream mousse blush but i doubt it blends well coz its pretty pricy for me at the moment for just a try-out.


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I love their mascaras!! I love their Define-A-Lash mascaras, both volume and the regular. I also love their The Colossal Volume mascara. They have the new one out called Lash Stilletto! I definately want to try it.


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I haven't really tried anything from the line other then mascara. And the best mascara in the world so far is Maybelline Collosall. (I know I cant spell! LOL) The one in the yellow tube. This stuff ROCKS! My lashes have never looked better!

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