Mickey's first mary janes


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Hi girls! I've been gone for a while, I know. They've had me doing some customer service, and that just wears me out. But my new shoes arrived a few days ago, and I finally got some pics! They're my first mary janes, my first close-toed heels, and my highest heels yet- 5 inches! I love em so far! I also got some new pants and tops from Victoria's Secret for work, but will take pics of those once I get the tops back (needed to exchange for another size). I am wearing a new pair of VS navy pants in the pics tho.



What do you think? I'm loving the really high heels.

And here's my nails today.
One thing I love about my new job is that since I just handle books all day, my nails don't break!



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wow!!! they are really high, i couldnt walk one step in them

they are really cool and your pants have a nice colour! have fun with your new things

Ms. Z

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I love mary janes!
Enjoy them!

I purchased a new pair too last week and they darned near killed me. Its a shame because I chased after them and they are not comfortable
(it might be that I got them too big).


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you must be like one thousand feet tall when you wear your high heeled shoes. I think you have higher heels than any of the ones I (or any of my girlfriends) own.


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My nails always break when they get about that long, especially my thumb nails, probably from texting so much haha.
I LOVE those shoes.

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