Most versatile MAC pigment?


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Originally Posted by kbrit08
is there alot of difference between the vanilla pigment and eyeshadow?it was always the first pigment on my list to buy but i got distracted by the brighter colours
.i heard if you pour some into fix+ it gives a super nice glowy look which is prettier than fix+ alone,i have never tried but i can imagine what it would be like!

Vanilla eyeshadow is far more... chalky? And has less shimmer in it. I got it in my Fafi Eyes 1 and I like it but I perfer the Vanilla pigment which I completely agree is the most versatile. I use it for my eyes, my cheeks and sometimes my lips LOL. Golden Olive and Violet are my other two I couldn't live without but those are mainly eye colors.

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It's rose for me. It looks good mixed in with lipglosses and I like making cream blush with it and mixing it in with my foundation.


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Of course my #1 answer is Vanilla, but Your Ladyship is one of the best piggies to come out in a while, IMO. Get one if you can.


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I had Vanilla put on me one time when I was at a freestanding store, and I loved it...but I honestly prefer Jardin Aires. I can use it everywhere! Crease, up to the brow, inner corner, shadow, undereye, bronzer, you name it. I would totally get another few jars so that I can press some of it, Pink Pearl, and when I get it, Vanilla, in order to make my own unique blush/highlighter.

Seriously, I think I'll finish my jar of Jardin Aires by the time that Cool Heat comes out.

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