My "I'm Getting Into MAC Haul"


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So I've recently discovered MAC (yeah been under a rock on Pluto). I absolutely adore it (of course). I finally have makeup that helps me not look so red OMG. If you don't believe it's a miracle, I can post before and after pics. Seriously.... I had given up thinking I would ever find anything to help neutralize my red pigments in my face. I've been tanning, and the rest of me is losing the red pigment and getting more brown, but my face... ohhh no. It doesn't listen


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TY very much! I forgot to list it out.. so here goes...

Novel Twist Pearlizer Plus brush set
Studio Fix Fluid NW 30
Mineralize Skinfinish Medium Dark

Powerpoint Eye pencil: Stubborn Brown
Powerpoint Eye pencil: Forever Green
Eyebrows: Spiked

Shadestick: Silverbleu
ES: Bark
ES: Dovefeather
ES: Embark

Paintpot: Rubenesque

Fluidline: Lithograph

Pigments: Pastorale
Pigments: Golden Lemon
Pigments: Naked
Pigments: Entremauve
Pigments: Golden Olive

Lipglass: Prrr

Brushes: 188 and Fafi 129SH

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover


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It was all in about 2 days.

Online Order:
Prrr, Golden Olive Pigment, Rubenesque, 1 ES and the eyeliners and eyebrow pencil

From MAC Counter (closest one is an hour and a half away)
StudioFix, Mineralize Skinfinish, and two brushes

Outlet Mall
Everything Else

Went to MAC Counter and hit outlet on the way back home.


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Great haul.

can you please tell me from where you bought (Novel Twist Pearlizer Plus brush set)????


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That forever greenpower point pencil is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I got the Novel Twist Pearlizer Brush set at the outlet in Gulfport, Mississippi.


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That is such a stellar haul!! When I first saw the pigments when the picture was loading, I knew this was going to be a good haul! LOL I love it! Enjoy!!


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Aww thanks ya'll!

I'm finding out that more of the pigments at that store were discontinued/LE
I am *so* tempted to take another trip down there. I probably will in a week or so. Depends on how much I end up spending online. I'm trying to be good and not buy anything, but.. it's hard.