my marriage is over


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and i'm starting over from scratch. i have been a stay at home mum since i graduated high school, now i have to find a job that will pay enough so i can move out of my parents apartment. yay. i haven't worked (outside of the home) in 15 years!!

facebook and girlies who have no problem flirting (a lot) with married men are the culprit. the man got involved with a girl months ago (they're "just friends", but she calls him to check when she arrives safely at airports while travelling, etc). she wants to move to Canada. she flirts with a man in Canada. a lot. he suddenly decides, after 17 years together, that he doesn't love me anymore and he doesn't even want to discuss counselling, etc, to see if we can work things out.

he basically kicked me out of the house with nothing but my clothes. i have less than $5 to my name (and he's always REFUSED to put me on his bank accounts. i should have taken that as a big warning, but i'm an ass). the worst part, by far, is that the kids are currently with him. they come to see me on the weekends. i suspect that the novelty of living alone with dad will wear off sooner or later and they'll be asking to be with me again. but for now he's doing his best to make life with him super dee duper fun. no chores, games, movies, sledding... you name it, they've done it. funny how when i was there he had no time for the kids because he was too busy chatting online with his "friend".


anyway. i'm trying really hard to be positive. things will work out. i'll get to find a new apartment eventually (i like apartment hunting... weird?) i'll get to buy myself new furniture. these are good things. right?


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whaaaat????!!!! oh my god....i have nothing nice to say about him, so i'm not gonna go there, but hang in there. jeeez that is fucking wrong!


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SO sorry! Enjoy starting over fresh! It will be such a learning experience for you
Best wishes!


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Sounds to me like you're better off without the jerk. Sorry you have to go through that anyway... Good luck with everything.


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My thoughts are with you! You'll do great! Because of the situation, you should qualify for support aside from child support. What an ass! I'm sorry you have to go through this!


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Ho my god! I am so sorry for what happened to you darling

Like Hilly said, it's going to be a learning experience...
I say that everything happens for a reason, sometimes it's sad, but for the best, you'll see! As for getting furniture, try to take a look on kijiji or craigslist, there's always free stuff given away (like kitchen tables and stuff like that).

When he was chatting with her, did you try to talk about it?


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I'm sorry but what a douchebag! Maybe he'll learn a hard lesson when she leaves him for the next internet dude that comes along...

You know what they always say.. the way you get them is the way you'll lose them. (referring to his "friend")

Sorry you have to go through this, and especially that there are children involved. Best wishes to you, I hope everything turns out alright.



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Omg, I am so sorry to hear that. You know we are here to talk to you!! I hope everything works out for you and don't take anything less than what you deserve. Be strong hunnie, I'm sure things will work out for the best for you and your children. Keep your head up.


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some people can be very wicked in their ways believe me. me my husband were seperated for 1yr and let me tell you before he moved out it was not nice. i cried and cried becuz he made me feel ugly but let me tell you this much he never tried me when it came to my kids and my living arrangements becuz at least he knew i would come at him like a pitbull!!! listen gurl file papers in court, find out what your rights are so that way he doesnt make it like you abandoned the house and the kids. i knew if i had left he would try me on abandonment but i told him to his face he better leave becuz i was not going no where without my kids. get up! get busy!! and plan your next course of action.


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we're given hard situations to test our strengths.. so be strong and keep moving forward.. like its already been said - everything happens for a reason and something good will come out of it.. all the best!


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Starting you life over may just be a great thing... You are much better off then to be with a person who would treat you this way, after all those years you spent your life with him. Hang in there we all wish you the very best.


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What a fucking bastard, I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with such a shit situation. In the end you'll be so much better off with him out of your life.


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Wow, you definitely deserve better. You should see what you can do about getting custody of your kids and having him pay you alimony until you get on your feet. You put a lot into your marriage, and you shouldn't leave empty handed. Good luck. It takes a lot of strength to do what you did.


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I'm so sorry this happened! But at least you got rid of this asshole! I believe that if someone has the cheating capability in them there going to do it now or later, it's only a matter of time. I guess his time just came. And don't even get me started on the myspace/facebook flirting! But he'll get his, karmas a bitch!


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I don't feel sorry for you, I am extremely happy for you. Starting over is great and your life is really just beginning. Do all you can for your kids even if they aren't physically with you and enjoy this time that you have to focus on you. Don't be sad and have no regrets. You are doing just fine and you will come out on top. You are already a conqueror!

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