My vanity area aka "The more space I have...the more stuff I'll get to fill it." :P


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It looks absolutely fabulous!


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Originally Posted by MissResha

Me too--its officially a multiple. Love the vanity--but I like the idea of the rotating weopens cache even more! Heh heh heh


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I like how neat and organized everything is. It makes the vanity look that much more elegant and shows the love and respect you have for your products instead of having them strewn about. I wish I saw more setups like yours—most are so far from this. It's such an inspiration; thank you.
The holders for the polishes and the foundation/blushes are inverted 3-tiered acrylic shelf organizers by InterDesign. In the US you can probably find them at The Container Store as well. (In Canada I found them at Solutions for $15 and Kitchen Stuff Plus for $12).
Your nail polish holder is so pretty. If I have the space once I get all my things set up, I hope to replicate this with Chanel n/p. :) Unfortunately the link is no longer active, but I did find something similar in mesh from the Container Store.


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Very nice collections & storage. For nail polishes they should avoid light/sun though ( last photo which is great ) ?


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the best i have seen
@ quick question how to you have your mac palettes organized for as colors i seen you had greens/gold could you tell me the names on the other palette i been looking for a way to organize my colors in my palette and i love your way and want to use your idea please and thanks

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