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I'm (sorta) new to MAC. I mean I always come and look around and buy stuff occasionally, but it's only recently that I've gotten obsessed.

Anyway, I really like the N Collection, but I don't know what would look on me. What would you recommend for someone with NC44 skin tone?

I'm looking for shadows, lipsticks and/or lipglass and MSF. Thanks in advance.

Oh, I had another question. What is the MSF exactly? Is it a powder that you apply all over your face or just on your cheeks?


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You can do a search about uses of the MSF,..there are many threads.

For you I think the N collection would be more about highlighting. I think that you might find Nanogold as a wonderful brow or cheek highlight color. A surprsing combination,.. using N1 lipstick on the browbone and then placing Nanogold shadow on top of it.


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MSF's are used to highlight the face (cheekbones, temples etc), they are also used to add a glow to the face and they can be pretty shimmery/glittery. I use mine on my cheek bones. I'm nc43 and the collection is going to be released in the uk in the first week of Feb, i can't reccomend anything because i want to see it in person


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For NC 44 Skin:

Think deep, plummy-gold pearl bronze tinged lips...
Creamola or Cream O'Spice Creamstick Liner
5N l/s
4N l/g

Cheeks in Warmed MSF: For your coloring, Warmed will give you a nice 'warm' glow to the skin that will go perfectly with the lippies. It's not too glittery this time, and I loooove it!

Nanogold e/s (the perfect light gold shimmer) for highlight
Dark Edge e/s for crease
Rich Flesh e/s for lid

These colors won't make you washed out, even though they are neutrals. They go on fairly sheer, so if you want more impact, I would say use a more pigmented Paint Pot as a base first (rather than just clear eyeshadow primer).


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I'm NC42. i got 1N, 3N, 4N lipsticks. and 1N and 2N lipglasses. Except for 1N l/s which is gold and shimmery, the lipsticks and lipglasses have no sparkle. I like that. You get just a subtle wash of nudey colors with no glitter or shimmer. Something different.


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I think the 4N and 5N lipsticks would look very nice on you. The 2N lipglass would be very flattering as well, it's a creamy peach color. Try out 3N as well. =)

And Warmed MSF would look great as well, you can use them on your cheeks for a nice glow to your skin, it wouldn't be too glittery either. =) You can also use it as a highlight on your cheekbones, temples, etc.

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