Napa, CA CCO (Napa Premium Outlets)


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went to the cco today and they still have almost everything from the lists above. i purchased:

-dejarose (x2)- i've been looking for this for SOOO long and they had a lot in stock so i picked up two cos i have a feeling i wont be able to find this ever again.
-moon river mineralized blush
-superdupernatural mineralized blush
-joie-de-vivre cremeblend blush
-fresco rose paint pot
-take a hit tendertone
-blue brown pigment
-tan pigment
-pink rebel lustre drops
-little vi lustreglass
-estee lauder rose amethyst lipstick

if you want to know if a product was there, let me know and i'll try to remember if i saw it. let me know soon as the inventory is still fresh in my mind. HTH


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I came in today. Pretty much all the same items as stated in the previous Aug. 1st and July postings.

I bought Flourishing e/s, Showstopper e/s, TLC in Close for Comfort and 224 brush.


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Has anyone seen Ripe Peach at any of the bay area CCO's? I've been hearing that they are starting to trickle in to the CCO's.


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Im going to be driving up to Napa on the 28th of this month and was wondering if anyone could give me an update on pigments and eyeshadows sometime before then so that I could try to budget myself or go in with some sort of plan because I am a pigment hoarder. Thank you!


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has anybody been recently?


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I went two weekends ago and it was all pretty much the same stuff listed in the posts from August and late July, they have SOOO many eyeshadows and pigments!


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I came in this past Sunday. It's still the same stuff.

I've been coming in practically every other Sunday since mid July. I've been leaving the store really disappointed b/c nothing is new.


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Just went here today

They had a new shipment from the Mac LoL :
MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow
MAC Dame’s Desire Eyeshadow
Mac prime and proper blush
Mac dirty plum blush
Mac Liglosses in
, Frankly Fresh and Perennial High Style

New mac Lipsticks from the color crafted collection 09:
Ever embellish
Madly creative
Trimming talk

Mac lipsticks:
Mac going dutch
Mac Tribalist
Mac Purple Rite
Mac total wow ( I don't remeber)
Mac Black Knight lipstick
Mac morange
MAc High Def

Maybe 2-3 more ( I can't remember)

MAC Msfs:
Procelain Pink

Eyeshadows: everything is the same from the previous posts
Lipglosses: New LoL lipglosses and Heatherette Bonus Beat

MAc Brushes: 224 with gold handle
Mac 165
MAc 225
2 more I don't remember the #'s
One is used for Creme brushes and the other
is a big flat brush

Mac pigments
Glitters:reflects blackened Red, Jewel Marine, 3D Silver, 3D Gold, reflects purple duo,Chartreuse
Pigments: Tan, pink bronze, primary yellow, golden lemon,
basic red, black black, deep brown, steel blue, frozen white, White gold( i believe this the name)
Quick frost ( I believe this is the name), fuschia, Cocomotion, Kitschmas, Pink Opal, Spiritualize, Antique Green, deep brown, Chocolate Brown, no more melon, Blue brown, Rose, lark about, 2-3 more

Mac Brow shaders in:
Buttery and Brown

I Also, asked about ripe peach and nothing as of yet. They also said the new shipment is next month for Lol lipsticks if you are interested in any particular


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just like tokidoki said all that was still there. That is by far the best CCO i have been to, they have such a large variety not only with mac but with BB. They had a ton of BB foundations and eyeshadows.


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Updating: I went on 12/07/2010 and they didn't have much stuff, they had about 10 l/s only one i remember was dressmaker dressmaker and plink? They had blushes but all of them were neutral colors browns, rosey colors, nothing bright or pink, I was a little disappointed because usually they are always stocked. But i overheard the girl working there tell her co worker, "man you guys did sold a ton of stuff while i was gone on my days off." so i was a few days to late. I might go back next week and will update when i can. Oh they did have a TON of eyeshadows and about 10 different quads.


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I just went the other daym they had the back to the beach bronzers, but not much new, they did have a ton of eyeshadows!


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Jesus Christ! This place is starting to become like the Gilroy location. The same items just sit on the shelves; nothing new (well, maybe 2 or 3 new items).

So I came in on Black Friday and then tonight; still the same stuff! The only new additions would be the To the Beach cream bronzers (as Julie21 has posted above), a set with Zoom Lash mascara, primer, Graphblack technakohl liner and makeup remover. Also, another set with Soft and Gentle msf and charged water.

Otherwise I recall, Fast Response eye cream, Volcanic Ash exfoliator, Lightful Moisture Cream, Studio Moisture Cream, Shave Cream, and 1 of the Essential Oil Care Blend vials. Blunt blush is still there. 20+ e/s, 5 e/s quads (which have been previously listed on past posting), and 2 items from the Trip (or Trip II?) collections. Brushes werent too exciting. Foundation, powder and concealer were all of dark tones.

I don't expect much from the Napa CCO anymore.


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Hello all :) I stopped by Napa CCO yesterday & here's what I remember..

Blushes/Face Powders:

- no MSFs :(
- both Liberty of London blushes
- Liberty of London Summer Rose beauty powder
- Chic Couple, Sun & Moon, Bi-Tone, & a couple of other mineralize blush duos from the same collection
- Earth to Earth mineralize blush
- Improvise mineralize blush
- 2-3 blushcremes
- All's Good beauty powder blush
- Eversun beauty powder blush (Style Warriors packaging)
- about 4-6 other blushes
- Lillyland face powder (the one with the pink, orange, & beige flower pattern)
- Golden Nectar highlight powder from Naked Honey collection
- 2 Face Kits from Holiday 2009
- both To the Beach cream bronzers
- about 1-2 other face powders


- about 6-8 slimshines
- about 4-5 lipstain markers
- about 3-5 pro longwear lipshades
- about 10-15 lipsticks, including the following:
- Funbathing from To the Beach
- Astral from Neo Sci Fi
- Fresh Salmon
- High Def
- Trimming Talk
- Speak Louder
- Purple Rite
- Dressmaker, Dressmaker
- Made to Order
- Beigeland


- Goldyrocks Dazzleglass
- 1-2 Superglasses, including the pink one
- 3-4 dazzleglass cremes
- about 10 lipglasses
- about 2-4 plushglasses
- Frankly Fresh lipglass (Liberty of London)
- Perennial High Style lipglass (Liberty of London)
- the darkest lipglass from Liberty of London.. can't remember the name
- Moonstone lipgelee

Other lip products:

- 2-3 suntints/lipbalms
- 2-3 tendertones
- Close for Comfort tinted lip conditioner
- pink lip conditioner from D-Squared
- 6-8 different lip palettes from previous holiday collections

Eye products:

- about 20+ eyeshadows, including 4 from Liberty of London
- a LOT of mineralize duos/trios/quads from previous collections
- Photorealism quad
- both Graphic Garden palettes
- about 4-6 other eyeshadow palettes from previous collections, including holiday releases
- 1-2 pigment sets from past holiday collections
- 4-6 pigments (old/larger style jars)


- small selection of foundations this time around (they usually have more).. 1 mineralize satinfinish, 3-4 moistureblends, 1-2 misc. liquid foundations - all darker shades


- about 8-10 different nailpolishes
- about 5-8 different false lashes
- about 6-8 shadesticks (including 3-4 from Sugarsweet)
- 4-6 different brushes
- 2-4 holiday kits
- Naked Honey body items
- charged water, eye cream, moisturelush cream, etc.
- 3-4 pencil concealers
- Bronze Hero lustredrops
- 1 eyebrow pencil in Blonde

hope that helps :)


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I know , the last time i've been here was 3 months ago and wtf? They still did not restock , the inventory is still the same as 3 months ago, except the pigments there is about 10 left? Also, this place is started to become like Vacaville cco! So disappointed! Everything that hhunt2 listed is the new inventory of the volcanic ash exfoliator , the $20 set with the soft and gentle msf with charge water, and they also had blonde and dirty blonde impeccable brow pencils.


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Ok ladies so I just went to this one on thurs, and it was so disappointing, it really is starting to become like the vacaville one. They always have a huge selection on eyeshadows but thats pretty much it. All the blushes looked the same, all the them neutral colored blushes, no colors at all. The ones i remember were: Prim & proper, diry plum (LoL) 2 from the style warriors collection (forgot the names) a few mineralized blushes I did pick up cheek & cheerful. NO MSF's Which is what i love :( Hardly any lipsticks I did pick up purple rite from the style warriors collection, and i remember them having Morange,and archetype. They probably had about 10 l/s total, more of them werre darker colors.And no makeup brushes worth buying! Im sorry I don't remember the names but I didnt have much time to write everything down. I will keep checking back with the napa and vacaville ones, but lately they both have sucked!


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I went in yesterday! Everything is pretty much the same. I noticed new additions like several shadsticks (and greasepaint stick), To the Beach large tote bag ($35), a hand full of Pro Long Lipstain Markers from the Art Supplies Collection and the Fafi shirts and bags are back. Overall, boring! Pacsun wow'd me more (50% off clearance, and there was a lot of clearance; literally half of the store. They had to overflow clearance racks to the front of the store).


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I just went today to the Napa CCO ++

The selection of MAC was pretty decent. they have the 4 glosses from Fabulous Felines (no lippies, though) and lots of glosses and dazzleglasses. They also had 2 lippies from Digidazzle - the red one and the plum one. Tons of eye shadows and a few palettes, including Color Forms, the Garden one from Nordies, 2 Spring collection palettes, Tempting, Tone Gray, and Photorealism. The BB collection was ok, and the Clinique collection was a bit sparse. The EL collection was also a bit low in lippies but decent selection of shadows. The also had Peach Nuance for $18 - Ripe Peach dupe.
Decent selection of piggies, but I don't buy those so didn't pay attention.

I just got Best of Breed and Personal Taste glosses and Two Virtues blush (last one).


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I came in, again, yesterday. Unfortunately, majority of inventory is still the same. But additions were 1 Venomous Villains item- 1 e/s (Cruela) in a light color (Sweet Joy). Mystery pressed powders from the Baroque Boudoir and Monogram collections (which were located on the opposite side of the store in a glass case). Also Monograms sheerspark pressed powders. 1 Look in a Box set; Miss Violet. And the e/s "quad 3" from the Spring Colour Forecast (purple colored quad).

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