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A friend was kind enough to give me a NARS blush for my bday today (a little early) in Dolce Vita. Surprisingly this is my first NARS blush...and ironically I placed an order for Luster and Albatross yesterday lol. I thought I had ordered Taj Mahal but apparently I didn't so...I'll probably order it soon. I've been so obsessed with the MUFE HD cream blushes that I haven't been interested in trying anything else, but I'm hoping to love these. If I do then I'll hold out for NARS to approve my pro discount so I can stock my kit with other colors.
Luster is so pretty.

i want all the M HD cream blushes
thanks god they are permanent .


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Luster is so pretty. :love:   i want all the M HD cream blushes :eyelove:  thanks god they are permanent .
I absolutely LOVE the MUFE HD blushes! And I've never been a huge fan of cream blush. I had to force myself to only get 4 at IMATS but I will definitely be getting more of them.


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Thanks for all your help, Ladies!

I've ordered Gilda and Amour! :D

(and a Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu)


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I wore Luster today :love: Perfect barely there blush but gives a great summer glow. Used a little Albatross to highlight too. This was a lazy makeup day but I just wanted to try these out to see how I felt.

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Desire is a great matte color, if you're into pinks. Now that I think of it, most of the Nars Cheek products I own have some sort of shimmer to them.

I thought I was the only person who was not really crazy about the Orgasm blush (although I do have and love the original Orgasm illuminator)


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NARS have to be one of my favourite types of blush. They are super pigmented and last all day on the skin! I only wish they had a even bigger colour range. Here is a link to all my NARS blush swatches. Enjoy!

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