NARS + Pierre Hardy


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See? I plan my looks around these blushes. It's a good thing they go w/ just about anything you can think of. I wore a different blush the other day and it just didn't feel right. LOL


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Hahaha I hear you. I still gotta give love to my other blushes though I don't want them getting jealous
I'm just glad that the first Sephora that I went to had a whole bunch of BDC blush I snatch that up so quick. Gotta love NARS though because they're pretty good with their stock and you don't have to run out because it's LE they usually stick around for a while.


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I'm glad you got your blush at the sale price even if you have extras. It's the principle. There's principalities in this. Lol! I'm sure you'll get the shipping worked out.

I'll add Nordstrom. You can earn double points today and tomorrow if you have a Nordstrom debit or credit card.
You know I'm all about principalities!
Dang it! Double points is today? I ordered a jacket on Monday. Oh well I got 14% cashback I guess. I have 3 Nordstrom boxes arriving today I think. Got one yesterday, too. Suppose I'll mosey on over to the site later and see what I else I 'need'.


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I got Rotunde in the mail today, so glad I did not skip this blush!! A-MAZ-ING!! Tho I think its time to calm down the blush obsession for a while now


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a nars mua was at sephora when i picked up rotonde, and he suggested also wearing the pierre hardy blushes patted over lipstick or gloss....


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Bought both BDC and Rotonde a while ago. I haven't worked up the courage to touch them yet, I really wish the overspray was an overlay and lasted for a while. :/

No more blushes for a while... besides Hot Nights, and Honey Jasmine... after that, no more blushes. xD


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Is anyone looking for Boys Don't Cry or Rotonde below retail? If so, send me a PM please. I wore Rotonde yesterday and that sucker was still there at 10pm!

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