Nireynas tutorials (brushes)


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Hello beautiful ladies!!!

Ok so I{m sure that many of you have seing the Nireynas video tutorials on youtube...I think she is great...beautiful and very talented, Im in love with all her tecniques and I had tried every single one....but....

Where can I find this litttle and precise brushes that she uses to blend and smudge all that eyeshadows and know those ones that she calls #7, #6 and #10 and #4 I think...Its just that i cant do such a precise job o eyeshadow application with my normal brushes....ok...I only have the 219, 239 and 217...but I will love to know where can I find similar brushes to hers...but here in USA

well heres her channel for those who havent see any of her looks and tuts...ejoy!!

YouTube - Nireyna's Channel



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Yeah, she's great and so beautiful! I'm not actually sure what type of brushes she uses, but I'm not sure if you've been to her website that says the following:

"In my work I use PROFESSIONAL MATERIALS only:
professional cosmetics:
- Make Up For Ever- Atelier- Peggy-Sage- M.A.C.- SLA- Kryolan- Paris-Berlin

brushes from a natural bristle (after every client all brushes always wash and disinfected)"

So maybe that will point you in the right direction, sorry I couldn't be of more help!