Northern Light for darker skin tones (NC45)


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Hi All,

I'm NC45 and I've been trying to make Northern Light MSF work. It's just not happening
Any suggestions or should I just take it back? It's so pretty but if I can't get it to work then it really is a waste of money? Tell me your shade i.e NC45 and let me know how you use it. TIA


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i'm nc35-37.. but for you i would layer it highlighter overlapping your reg choice of blush! please try it, it's gorgeous... i'm going to have a makeup party tomorrow. i'm going to try it on an nc45 or darker skin tone and i'll let you know how it goes!


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I'm NC35 and this shows up as a soft glowy pink on me.

Have you tried spritzing a little bit of Fix++ on your brush before applying? It'll defeinitely make the color more intense on your skin. Hopefully that works, good luck!


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Could you use a skunk brush for subtle highlights? I am a NC15 and on me it is a rosy-pink blush with shimmer.


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What's not working about it for you? NW45 here, I tried a couple of these in the MAC store and they just made me look ashy.


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I'm not dark at all, but maybe try layering it over a CCB, like Fabulush or maybe a neutral like Shell, Hush, Fawn, or Bronze?


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It's such a subtle colour on darker skintones. I use it as a highlight over layer over a powder bluch in a similar colour.


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Originally Posted by yummy411
bey28.. what's the verdict? what did you decide?

I'm curious as well! Hope you found a way to make it work!

If anything, I think with a little Fix+ or water on the brush, you might be able to use it as a subtle hightlighter


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I think I am NC 30 .. Northern lights shows up on me.. Try it with Fix + or swirl a couple of times (say 3-5) and then dab it on ur cheeks.I use the 183 for this if I want it dark.For a light hand, I use 187 brush

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