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Anyone know if the Luxetrance lipsticks are ever coming back after that sale debacle? Nothing has come back into stock on the website, and Sephora is only selling a small number of them right now.


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Divine Rose II v. Divine Rose
Promo swatches

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So not impressed by the colour story! And why is she releasing back to back pink palette? I dont think it was a good business move. sure the colour story will appeal to people who wants more colour AND skip the 1st rose palette but who will be willing to buy both in this economy/ pandemic situation???


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Thanks fur4elise fur4elise for posting pics. I couldn't stick around to even link it. I was just too excited waiting for the reveal. Pat said 12:30 and it was going on 1pm. I really wanted to see the reveal on her page. But I couldn't wait. So I snuck a peek and then went back to wait for her reveal. I see there are lip sets too. I don't know that I need it but I may add those in too. Divine Rose gloss is my fave so I may like it combined with one of those lip colors. I do have Cristy though. Hmm? I have to check my stash and see what I have. I think I have the other gloss too. I don't think I have the other color so may be I'll try that one. But Divine Rose II is mine! Now to get the limited edition color or not. I was able to pass up the limited edition Bergdorf purple palette, didn't grab me enough. Couldn't pass up the limited edition gold. But is the pink a must have??? I wish there were better pics of the pink case. I hope they do an earlier online release for her site because June is just too far away. Oh and I wish they would restock some items at least on her site in the meantime.

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