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Divine Rose II v. Divine Rose
Promo swatches

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Thank you for posting pics! :)
I'm more drawn to the four colours at the right end of the palette. The other colours I can easily duplicate across the other Mothership large and small palettes I have... Ah well. It is very pretty, though.
I agree, While the palette is pretty, i'm not Wow'd by it. too many golds which are present cross her palettes, and i'm not a huge pink person, I like the first palette a lot better.


BTW, Sephora has the Luxetrance lipstickws on sale for $23 (40% off). I got back-ups of my two favorites (Lavish and Unfaithful) and am trying to decide about Sedition (but when do I wear red right now??).


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I really wish that she'd stop adding a gold shade on all of her palettes. They're both beautiful though! VR sextraterrestrial is by far the stand out shade!:love: Hopefully the launch day isn't as messy as the Star Wars one.
The last decadence launch went smoothly, I agree, I wish she did't add gold in all of her palettes.

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