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Pressing Glitter for easier use!


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Originally Posted by Robby_Raynebow
glycerin suppositories

I lol'd.
Seriously though, thanks for the tut! Pictures look great!

Candee Sparks

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AWESOME idea! Though I don't foresee myself doing this anytime soon, its still an awesome idea. I'll be sure to pass it on!


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I just did mine and I'm waiting to see how they turn out I wonder if I should stir them while they set up? I'm thinking not. I was confused on the mix to glitter ratio so I just filled the pan hope it works!


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Help I did just as instructed but the alchol still hasn't all evaporated. This was my first try and I didn't know how much mix to add but I made it runny like you said but its 12 hours later and they are still wet what do I do to fix em?


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Thought you guys might like to see how my glitters came out with this technique, thanks for this NeonKitten! This was really fun and easy


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I know I'm posting this WAY after anyone else has, but I've had something happen to my glitters that I have pressed. The edges of the pan turned dark and some of the glitters themselves turned an oxide-ish dark as well...any idea why this might have happened? I did NOT let them sit before I pressed, and I'm not sure about the ratio of glycerin to alcohol, ( I did them almost a year ago) but those are the only differences I can see.

Any ideas/tips would be welcome on this issue. Thanks

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