Procrastination FOTD


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You are so gorgeous!
Great job!


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Your tuts and fotds always make me want to buy colors I wouldn't even think of touching like chrome yellow! I'm still pretty scared of yellow, but I know my next trip to MAC could result in having chrome yellow, orange, and maybe even electric eel all in my bag!


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ok, this blonde+yellow thing doesn't exist in my country, but no blonde. maybe there's a secret society.

point is, i like the title.

and i love the fact that you just broke a taboo for me: using chrome yellow with carbon. i never try 'cos i'm afraid i'll be compared to a bee. thanks.


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yellow looks great on you
i love the eye make up and i will try this look at home because i bought a yellow summer dress and im blonde too and somebody told me about this rule
but your pictures tell me that fashion or make up rules suck loool