Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll


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I did a search and did not see a thread for this show.

Anyone else watch this show?


Who are your early favourites?



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i'm hooked! i really like Melissa R. i want her to win so bad! i have a love/hate thing going on for Melissa S., Chelsea & i think her name's Jamie.. i'm sooo happy brittany's gone! she annoyed the hell out of me with her dancing.


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I really don't like the Melissa who was very mean to Chelsea, she was disrespectful and thought shaking her axx will bring her to the next pussy cat doll and even forgot her song, what a joke.

I like the blonde hair girl who was the first jump into the glass window to do stripper dance(forgot her name). i think she really has somthing when she let it out and deal with her confidence issue.


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I really LOVE Melissa R. she is a cutie! I also like Anastasia and CHelsea. One of the girls Melissa S. was on Making the Band with P. Diddy! I dont really like her in this show.


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Melissa R. is pretty hot.

why do they need another pussycat? don't they already have 2309483 girls? but only one sings? haha..


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I was particularly fond of the vomit montage last week. Did we really need to see that?

Barf does not equal sexy, no?


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LOL Yeh I thought the barf was pretty gross lol... Nothing sexier than girls throwing up LOL...

FYI If anyone has missed this show, you can catch all the good parts on YouTube, just search for PussyCat Dolls, next doll...

Some of the performances are pretty good.


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I think Melissa R, Asia and Anastacia would fit right in with the Pussycat Dolls.

Okay, was I the only one who was laughing at Melissa S when she was dancing at the club in that box? She trying way to hard to be sexy, but it looked pathetic.


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Originally Posted by c00ki312
wait! new doll? who left??? lol

Nicole S., lead singer, will be leaving. She's releasing a solo CD soon.


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I love Melissa R, too, though i don't think she'll get to the end. Melissa S. is ridiculous and i was so glad she got her face pushed in it after she was so mean to that other girl. i also really liked the blonde who got eliminated last show. i think the tall girl w the great hair will go far. do these girls do their own mu when just performing for the judges? love this show!


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I liked the blonde girl as well. I think Sisley should have left, considering she bitched at the vocal coach, which I think was a bratty thing to do.


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we dont have that program over here. maybe because the dolls are not THAT big over here as they are in US. ahh nvm, mtv will show it sooner or later


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a couple of people (online and offline) have said i look like brittany... i don't think i do and i don't think she's that hot. ugh and she dances so trashy!!

princess lissa

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I am so glad sesily left!!! She annoyed the hell out of me. She acted like she was so above everyone else cause they were younger. In the end, she was acting like a 5 year old.
I'm torn between Antastacia and Chelsea. Antastasia is so hott!!! She's got great attitude and stage presence. But Chelsea is the underdog and could totally pull it off.


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I am in love with Jamie, Sisely and Chelsea. I was so angry lastnight when Jamie and Sisely were in the bottom two.


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I don't get it either, lol. But I'm glad Sisley left. She was the oldest one there, but yet, she carried on like a child.

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