Reflects Antique Gold Smoky Eye


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Very beautiful! I think a tut would be the perfect addition


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Originally Posted by n_c
This is beautiful, love it. Tut pls

I second that!
PS- It's nice to see a MB here!


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Hey guys! I'm back! I'm totally going to recreate this look one of these days, but I'm going to have to improvise since my Midnight Cowboy glitterliner is so old now. :( I see a bunch of tutorial requests and I promised I'd do one, but I have no idea if I ever posted it here, since this was in 2008! However, I dug up the tutorial here:

Looking back, that tutorial is a bit odd lol. There's some strange commentary from me. But it was 2008...

I'm going to use it myself to redo this look haha. This is still one of my favorite looks I've ever done! I posted it on my Instagram the other day, even though it's old, because I love it!

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