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Revive dry gel liner


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I love gel liners, and use them a lot. I love how easy and precise you can aply them, and various colors, and the soft look you get. I'm to clumsy for liquid liners :), and I don't like how harsh they look on me. Pencil liners fade during a day.
Unfotunately, gel liners tend to dryout after a while and I hate that.

I read this great tip and it really works. I revived all my gel liners like that. Even one that's been dry for a year or so (it was dry when I got it) but I couldn't make myself throw it away. There is no change in color (like in the pics in the link), liner is absolutely the same, only goes on lot smoother :).

You can use other shadow sealants. I also read that eyedrops have the same efect.


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Enkore did a video on youtube about reviving paint pots and gel eyeliners, but his method was more complicated if I remember correctly


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BAAAHHHHH!!! Dammit, wish I saw this before I threw away my dried up blue peep :! well now I know, thanks for the tip

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