Round Rock, Texas CCO (Round Rock Premium Oulets)


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I went there last week with my mom(Who was rushing me, so I didn't have a chance to get anything), and I have to say that the MAC selection pretty much sucked.

It's a lot smaller than the San Marcos location; San Marcos has basically about 1/3-1/2 a wall dedicated to MAC cosmetics, while the RR outlet only had a little shelf/stand on the floor. It's the same with all the other brands (Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Stila). Here's what I remember from MAC:

- About 5 f/ls (I could only remember Haunting and Lithograph)
- Brow Shader in Auburn
- Raizin and Sunbasque blush
- 6-7ish e/s (don't remember specifics)
- Studio fix
- concealers
- maybe 10 lipglasses
- 15 l/s
- Take Wing quad
- Sweetie Cake quad
- 3-4 pigments (Accent Red was the only one I could remember)

I'll probably go back to the outlet this Saturday for some retail therapy after taking my SATs, so if I do I'll report back with a more accurate account of what they have in stock.


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I have never been to that one but the one in Allen, Tx has a pretty good MAC selection of eyeshadows, piggies, lip glosses, holiday sets and last weekend they even had porceline pink msf.


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Just visited today. My little haul is posted in the Hauls section.
They had a great selection this time compared to the one in San Marcos. It really just depends on the month/shipment. Sometimes the San Marcos CCO has a good selection too.

I can't remember everything they had. But here are a few things I can name:

Wait til Dark, Zonk Bleu, Flashtrack, Soba, Bateau, All the Idol Eyes Eyeshadow (and many other LE eyeshadows I can't remember!) - $9.50
Accent Red, Night light pigment (+ 1 other LE) - $13.75
20+ Lipglasses
Hue Lipstick (+ 20 others)
4 different pearlizers, a violet, a deep reddish, Apripeach (the one I bought), and some other color - $13
Formal Black Intense eyeshadow palette! - $20!
Formal Black Cool eyeshadow palette! - $20
3 other Formal Black lip palettes (I am probably going back to get one!) - $20
1 Iridescent Power - $14
2 Beauty Powders (Shell Pearl) - $14
10+ Paints
20+ Eyeshadows
7+ Shadesticks
Mini Shadestick Set of 4 - Silverbleu, Lucky Jade, Royal Hue, and Simmersand - $20
Blush Brushes (can't remember exact ones)
#224 Eye brush - $19.95
3 types of eyeshadow Quads - Take Wing, and Sweetie Cake Quad - $24
Lipglass Set of 4
Studio Stick Foundation (mostly NC40 +)
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (about 3 shades, one was NC30)
MAC Matte foundation (DC, about 2 shades)
Sweetie Cake lip compact
Prep & Prime eye in 3 shades
Almost all fluidlines!! A great selection! Many LE ones as well (Lithograph, Nightfish, Royal Wink, Waveline, Silverstroke, Ostentateous, Graphic Brown, Shade, Haunting, Delphic, Jadeye, Blue peep etc.) - $10.25

Okay ladies! That is all I can remember. I am going to the CCO in San Marcos sometime next week. I will let you know what I find!


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Ok.. let me see what I can remember..

this is all generalizations.. so don't flip out on me if i'm off by one or so

10+ fluidlines
35+ eyeshadows (no barbielovesmac).. but they did have some l/e e/s all 10 dollars
cranberry, mystery, shimmermoss, jewel blue, femme noir, kid, waternymph.. & etc
ALOT of l/g and l/s
6 powder blushes
6 cream blushes
ooooh.. they had those mini sets.. with like studiofix, strobe cream, and cleanser in one. well they had like 4 different little sets.
i say 10 pigments
10 shadesticks
alot of foundation
i really didn't look at the powders and stuff..
they had 3 different brush sets.. all for 33.75
alot of mac brushes

bobbi brown
2 shimmerblocks

that's all i remember..


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Round Rock, TX CCO

I was there yesterday, they just got a new shipment of everything. They have like 10 different pigments 60 lipsticks 4 paints and everything! They have an amazing selection!
Re: Round Rock, TX CCO

Adding on to this...I was there yesterday. They had all Fleshpot l/s from Heatherette, Fafi Utterly Frivolous and Strawbaby lipsticks. A lot of plushglasses and lipglass....Slimshines (I remember Poise, Funshine, Grenadine, Bare). Lightscapade and Light Flush MSFs, Pigments: Mauvement, Copperized, Jardin Aires, Golden Olive, Sweet Sienna. They had the smokey eye palette from holiday 2007, the full size 187 brush, a few lipglosses and the kabuki from the Couture collection.


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Re: Round Rock, TX CCO

Just got back from a trip today. I saw:

McQueen Paint Pots and Eyeshadows - all three!!! and the Nothingness l/g
Pigment - Cocomotion, Golden Olive, Mauvement, Viz-a-Violet, Off the Radar, Helium, Rush Metal along with several more I can't remember
Hollywood Nights l/s
Strawbaby l/s
Style Minx l/g
Warmed and Light Flush MSFs!!
Old and New Tendertones
You saw Tomato, 40's Pink and several other Mattenes
Firespot e/s and others from that collection
Zonk Blue, Freshwater, Coppering and tons more e/s
Lucky Jade, Corn and a couple other shadesticks
Sweetie Cakes 4 Quad
4 Dazzleglass!! - Date Night, Spankin' Rich, Steppin' Out and Glamour O.D.
2 Stylistics l/g
The Fafi blushes
Tons of l/g and l/s
Quite a bit of foundation, powders, etc.

I'm about to post my haul in just a moment.


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Re: Round Rock, TX CCO

Originally Posted by iluffyew769769
I as there yesterday and they didnt have MSFs or dazzle glasses. I will have to go back tomorrow

Yeah, I got Steppin' Out!! And the MSF's were only $17.50!! Too bad I don't really like either.


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Re: Round Rock, TX CCO

I didnt realize a CCO was in RR. My friend is moving to Austin, so I am glad I will be to go one when I visit!!


Re: Round Rock, TX CCO

Wow! I want to go there soooo BAD!!!! I live in TX but unfortunately I live in West Texas and that CCO is too far away.


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Re: Round Rock, TX CCO

I went this Saturday I didn't look at everything but I did spot the mcqueen paint pots, light flush msf,tons of emote blushes & the fafi dolls nothing really caught my eye
I did get a few things

Also I forgot to mention these they had the sculpt & shade duos 3 different ones, tendertones, there were alot of things I can't remember sorry

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