Round Rock, Texas CCO (Round Rock Premium Oulets)


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I made a trip to the Roundrock CCO last week, they had quiet a few things, I don't remember everything, but here are a few things I do:

They had about 10 blushes: Otherworldly, Joyous, Shy Beauty, I think they had Secret Blush, others I can't remember, and about 4 cream blushes, a reddish, coral, and couple of neutral pinks.

Pigments: Olive green, provence, rushmetal, smoke signal, dark soul, aire-de-blu, plus more.

They had a couple Metal X cream shadows: the blue, one other (gray?)

Also about 10 shadows including a few mineralize duos, tons of lipglosses, about 16 slimshines, lipsticks, etc.


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I called there today and the said they got some e/s in. I will be going there tomorrow so I will update when I get back!


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I went Saturday..because I live kinda close I usually stop in maybe every 2weeks or , it seems like there selection is always the same (I've been mainly looking for PaintPots) ...I'm new to the site so next time I go I will checkin.


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They had a lot of new shadows!

Cool Heat
Warm Chill
Blue Flame
Climate Blue
Warm Trending
Pen N Pink
Parfait Amour
Satin Taupe
Divine Knight
Satelitte Dreams
A little folie
Newly Minted
Brown Script

Those are the only ones I can remember. They had a lot more.

Sculpt and Shape
A lot of lipglasses and lipsticks

Blush: X-rocks, Emote, Husby, Joyous, and some more

I would def. go check it out!


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has anyone visited here lately? just wanting to know before my trip tomorrow!


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I guess I'm a bit too late.

I was there on Saturday. They had a few Fafi items - l/gs, irridescent powder, Rollickin' paint point, Fafi dolls and Fafi bags.

I can't remember anything else that really stood out. There wasn't much.


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Okay, the inventory as of Thursday 05.21.09:

(these are what I can remember..)
Flammable, Artjam, Canton Candy paints
Shimmermint, Cedarose, Taupographic shadesticks
Vestral White, Nocturnelle, $$$$$$ Yes nailpolishes

Out to Sea, Fox Tail, Raven, & Heatherette duo pencils
Rollickin' & Quite Natural paintpots
Blue Peep & Frostlite fluidliners

most Holiday '08 palettes (eyes AND lips) & Nordstrom trip palettes, Fafi Eyes 2

Climate Blue, Copperplate, Velvet Moss, Femme Noir, Rite of Spring, Clair de Lune, Fig. 1, Pen n' Pink, Top Hat, Mink & Sable, Dreammaker, Sunset B., Lotusland, Bold & Brazen, Tete-a-tint, Prussian, Graphology, Warm Chill, and Gulf Stream, Pagan, & Haunting/Nile eyeshadows

Fresh Green Mix, Earthly Riches, Odd Couple/Two to Glow mineralized duos

Violet, Bell Bottom Blue, Mega-Rich, Lovely Lily, Lark About, Sweet Sienna, Antiqued Green, Pastorale, Helium pigments

Balloonacy (Hullabaloo?)powders, Star! iridescent color
Sweet William, Posey, Uncommon blushcremes

X-rocks, Spaced Out, Otherworldly, Harmony/Honour blushes

Most lacquers (Poco Pink, Babied, Sheena, etc..)
Magnetique, Cherry Blossom, Russian Red, Squeeze It, Totally It, Cult Fave, Bonus Beat lipglasses
Hey Sailor!, Love Knot, Ensign, Pinkarat lustreglasses
a lot of 3D glasses
a lot of Plushglasses
some Tendertones

Most Slimshines & Mattenes
Cyber, Chatterbox, Hollywood Nights, Plink!, Cosmo, Sequin, Lady Bug lipsticks


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Has anyone been recently? I think I am going to try to drive up to the area over the 4th. Any updates are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I went last week and got a couple starflash shadows, but other than that, not really too impressed with their selection.

Goat Goat Etc.

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If you find this helpful, thanks please. I have few...

Went This past Thursday 10/29.

Round Rock CCO
They have the 165 Brush for $24!!!!
SugarSweet collection shadsticks in Red Velvet, Cake Shop, and possibly Butternutty and I think 1-2 of the Tri-Colour L/g.
They have a load of Hello Kitty Fun and Games Blush and 2 Hello Kitty Tippy blushes left. Hello Kitty l/g in Nice To Be Nice (sheer orange w/ sparkle) and Fast Friends (sheer violet w/ sparkle).
They have both Beauty Powders from Hello Kitty, loads!!!
Blast O' Blue l/s.
NW50 concealer.
They have loads of X-Rocks blush from Neo Sci Fi!
I got the last Iridescent Powder in Belightful in Fafi packaging, but they have tons more in reg. packaging.
Both cream colour cheek stains from Emanuel Ungaro for MAC in Fresh Morning and
Crushed Bougainvillea.
6 cream blushes I can't recall.
Pincurl e/s.
Knight e/s.
4 Neo Sci Fi e/s.
Prussian e/s.
Liquer l/g from Cult of Cherry.
Orpheus and Raven Power Kohl Pencils.
Possibly Deep Blue Green Pigment.
Smoke Signals collection's Smoke Signal Pigment.
3-4 Sculpting Powder Duo thingies.
Flirt and Tease Blush.

Goat Goat Etc.

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If you find this helpful, thanks please. I have few...

Went today to look at the blushes...what's still available:

Cream Blushes: Cheery, Uncommon, Sweet William, Laid Back, Cherche, Fancy Ray, and Pleasureful.

Rich Metal Highlighter: Dark Influence and Deep Deposit.

More blushes from what was last posted:Hushabye and Out of Bounds from Ungaro collection.

Mineralized Skin Finishes: Refined, Perfect Topping, and Petticoat.

Highlight Powder: Hullabaloo and Mellow Rave

Both Ungaro Beauty Powders.

And Just a Pinch Gel blush


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any updates here? taking a trip inbetween Christmas & NYE, woot! i'll be updating afterwards!

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