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I've been having an issue with Mascara recently. After a few hours of wear I end up with Mascara circles under my eyes. I switched mascaras and foundations and it's still happening. Anyone else have this issue?? Any suggestions on how to stop the madness?

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Is it because of the heat?

I wear Revlon mascara and that hasn't run on me yet. Depending on why you're wearing mascara, you might just opt for some clear.


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Um...I haven't heard of that.
Maybe if it's humid....
I don't use waterproof mascara.
I use Prescriptives False Lash and I LOVE it!!


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Perhaps it's the heat!

Which mascara are you using at the moment?
Until I've found my HG mascara several years ago (diorshow), mascara used to run a little during really hot days.

If you haven't already tried diorshow, give that a try - I brought both the regular and the waterproof version on a trip last summer where the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius everyday - even the non-waterproof version stayed on all day, even with partying and sweating in the evening


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Use a lash primer / base maybe?
I remember when i used Diorshow, as lovely as it is for making my lashes nice and thick with lots of volume... after a while it gave me smudge circles. I dont know whether it was the heat or not but i started using Shiseido Mascara Base under my Diorshow and its behaving more now...... lovely thick lashes with no more undereye circles~


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Thanks everyone! As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking maybe I should change my moisturizer since I haven't tried that. It's just a big pain in the arse. I'll try your recommendations and hopefully it'll work out. I don't really want to switch to a waterproof mascara, but if it keeps the circle smudges away then so be it.


I have the same exact problem, heat or no. For my lashes I use MAC Prep for my lashes and then Zoom Lash. I have found that when I use water proof mascara it does help, a bit….but I hate using that stuff of my lashes.


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Originally Posted by freaksinunif0rm
Use powder. It'll keep your face circle free :].

I do wear powder but it still happens. Looks like I have no choice but to try waterproof now. I'm sad....


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I used to have the same problem until I found my fave mascara is Hypnose Waterproof by Lancome, it makes my eyelashe look pretty full, and trust me this stuff works, I work in a pizza place which means i have to stay all f%^^# day next to the hot oven and i swear my mascara won't run ever!! and i work double shifts.. and it looks like i just put some, it costs $22 which I think is worthy, and i would recommend some "strong " make up remover, since it's waterproof.. for this i use MAC gently off eye and lip make-up remover , this makes it easy to take off.
I hope that helps.


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ahhh this is an old topic.

but my HG is CG lash exact...its easy to take off and it wont come off until your ready!

and yep, its WP =D

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