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Saving your broken lipsticks


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are there any others out there that approve of this? melting on a spoon/microwaving sounds like a great way to get rid of the tubes quickly for b2m- especially since i like to use a lip brush for my l/s application- but i dont want to risk ruining the formula (or whatever may be ruined) by melting it.


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I melt the lipsticks in the microwave into a 28 section pill organizer. Makes a great, portable palette.


Thanks for the great ideas everyone , I am loving the palette idea in the eyeshadow pans . Glad to know I can still get some use out of lipsticks I considered ruined !


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i love viva glam v lipstick and i was upset that i was running out since it was nearly ALL the way down... but then i cut the tip off and scooped the rest in the tube onto eyeshadow pans, place the pan on top of a gigantic metal spoon over the stove and the lippie melted right onto the pan! i felt this way was much easier since i dont have to melt it in a cup and have some leftover remains on the sides of the cup... the colors are still the same and it's still has that nice smell to it...


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Thank you! My favourite lipstick broke the other day... I will give this a go!

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