Sephora VIB Rouge Exclusive Vice Palette


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Sounds like this was literally sold out in minutes....

I got an order in, but let's hope I got it in time! If you were lucky enough to snag one, post up pics and swatches here!



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I placed an order and my credit card info didn't work and now it sold out :( Oh well good news for my wallet:shock::shock:


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It's sold out, but it will return? OMG I need this!!! I am crazy about exclusive things!!!


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did anyone hear that there was an ultra limited vice palette that was released this morning and sold out immediately on sephora? it was an online vib rouge exclusive. some on MUA posted pictures of it. it is in a yellow case, similar to vice 3..

she copied the info too:
What it is:
A limited-edition, velvety eye palette with 18 exclusive shades and two bestsellers—plus a double-ended brush.

What it does:
This palette’s brights, neutrals, and smoky shades come in a range of finishes, and in a decadent eye shadow formula that lets every woman create stand out eyes. Each shade in Vice Ltd features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, lasting wear, and blendability. Taking inspiration from some of their favorite palettes over the years, Urban Decay created an amazing collection loaded with a range of Urban Decay’s cult-favorite hues and never-before-seen shades you won’t find anywhere else.

This set contains:
- 20 x 0.03 oz Eye shadows in Nameless (medium taupe satin), Backdoor (cool dark brown matte), Deeper (metallic medium bronze), Disco (pale metallic gold/iridescent glitter), Heat (bright metallic copper), Crystal (icy metallic blue shimmer), Goddess (deep smoky blue/micro-glitter), Vaporize (medium metallic gray-taupe), Floss (deep metallic emerald/micro-glitter), Perversion (soft black matte), Provocateur (icy metallic pink/micro-glitter), Hoodoo (medium metallic violet/pink shift), Freakshow (bright purple satin), Junkshow (bright pink satin), Blitz (bright metallic gold), Chase (soft metallic bronze), Last Sin (pale champagne shimmer), Roadstripe (iridescent white/blue-violet shift), Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte) and Laced (soft pink-nude matte)
- Double-ended eye shadow brush
Urban Decay - Vice LTD

credit mua user caprig


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I heard about it. I got the email. I'm going to skip this one. I don't wear a lot of eye makeup except for mascara and eye liner.


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i'm glad i missed the ltd one... i might go for vice 3, because it has a lot of colors i THINK i'd use. vice 2 i ended up selling :/
i usually get into one thing at a time, and it's been nars blushes and mac lipsticks lately. my eye look doesn't change much anymore. it's the same basic colors, and then i have the options of no liner, a liquid liner wing or smoky liner. hahah

edit: sorry guys, i didn't mean to double post topics! :(


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What I want to know is why this one is $58 and the Vice 3 is $60 lol. Just curious xD Would love to see swatches too, just in case this is up my alley~


People are saying it's coming back, but the e-mail I receiving this morning seems theyve gone back on confirming anything. There were emails floating about saying that they are basically positive it will be back later in this year closer to the holidays. So I canceled my $120 vice off of ebay and then they answered my email with this.

Now I wished I hadn't canceled. Toying with my emotions just makes me not want to give them my money.


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Kinda wish I knew about this one before the other Vice 3, oh well. They are both nice though, but I felt like this was one of those things that sold out before anyone was really notified about it :(

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