Sephora VIB Rouge Exclusive Vice Palette


I remember all the hype when it came from Sephora and wondering about it myself. Watching various youtube videos and hearing the feedback. Last night, I went through my various UD palettes and the colors mentioned in the palette I had very little of them. This made my decision clear.


I was stalking from yesterday, just in case it was released early. I had to order by phone, it kept stalling but I managed to order. I will check my store later on to see if it has sold out( I would have searched in store before buying but I was afraid that it would have been gone before I got there.) Will there be enough to go around this time? I thought people had forgotten about it because there were few reminders online.


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I'm so glad they released more of these! Even though I decided to skip it since I'm still trying to do my 2015 year of zen a/k/a not buy ALL OF THE THINGS, a good friend of mine had been dying for it and she was able to order it today through Ulta! She was so happy! I wish LORAC would do this with their Mega Pro!


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I purchased my palette, in store, on launch day....I definitely think this stock is greater than what Sephora had (online exclusive). I'm happy that I now have all 4 Vice Palettes. I can sleep now. Lol!!


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Picked this up at Ulta yesterday. My store had a bunch of them. I've only done one look so far... but honestly I'm not in love with it. For 58$... I might return it. :/ I can't decide.


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I'm so annoyed that I legitimately stalked urban decay and sephoras website for MONTHS and fought to get it on the UD site for hours on the release night for it to be rereleased and STILL available!!! Obviously Ulta got WAY more stock than Sephora and Urban Decays site!

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