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smokey eyed black tutorial


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I love this tut, thanks so much. I tried it last nite (toned bit a tiny bit) and it looked so nice! You made all the steps so clear and understandable and easy to follow!


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ive neva been on this forum b4 xD ahhaha
so yeah this is my FIRST post cos i saw yur topic first
my friend linked me c=

Look look i tried yur tuturial it rocks im new 2 the whole
women make-up thing xD so yeah that helped me a bit
omg i HAD HAD HAD 2 show yu it doesnt look THAT PRO but hey
i dnt look that half bad xD jst my gold isnt as nice as yours so yeah

and this wun was shyte* cos it was wif mai mob

btw i need a tut for blush cos i suck at it as you can see xD


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Originally Posted by Kelly
Ahh, I love it! I espeically love it because I'm also Asian and so the typical smokey eye tutorial doesn't really work on me. Thanks

I completely agree! Im in the same situation, absolutely love the smokey eye look but its never quite suited me as I follow other peoples instructions


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this is GORGEOUS!! i wish i could pull all of the makeup styles on this forum, but i cant because i have hideous (and genetic) dark circles

you look AMAZINGGG!!


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Which Palette is that?

Originally Posted by godzillaxahhhhhh
since so many people message me about how i get my smokey eyes so dark i'm posting this tutorial!

foundation/blush/contour and highlight/set with powder (its important with this look to have foundation on the face becasue its so much eyemakeup and with a bear face it wouldn't look so great) also make sure to foundation and set with powder your eyelids also, it helps with the blending and makes the eye makeup last longer.

use the gold as a base on the lid. with the stiffer brush, which is my contour brush

place the gold on your lid to the shap that you want (since im asian and i have such a small lid space, i continue it farther up so it seems like my eyes are bigger and i have more lid space that what i really have)

use the blending brush (i fluffier brush) and blend the shadow to where there isnt any. Blend in a upward movement)

how it looks when done blending

then use the dark brown with the same contour brush and place the dark brown on the outter corners and blend inward

how it looks blended

then take the black shadow with the same contour brush place it onto the lid

then blend the black upward so it blends into the gold
(i showed you how it looks blened on the left eye)

then take your pencil liner and make a thick thick line

then take your smudger brush and then smudge the liner so it blends into the black shadow

how it looks blended

then take your black shadow and place it over where you put the black liner to set the pencil

then blend the shadow so theres no harsh line

now for the bottom...

you take the gold and place a thick line under the eye.

how it looks with the gold

then take the black liner and line the undereye.

take the smudger brush then smudge the liner

then set that with black shadow powder

curl your lashes


then lipstick and gloss, and your done!!