Stop being a fat ass!


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Okay the title is pretty harsh, but I need to do something about this.
I'm overweight, and my doctor says that it will be difficult for me to conceive with the extra weight i'm carrying. I have been off birth control since July of 08.
She's put me on Metformin because I had 2 high blood sugar tests in a row. Plus my mom has diabetes.
I carry most of my weight in my boobs & belly, not a good combo, unless you are pregnant! lol. and i'm not.
I've never had a difficult time getting pregnant before. I have 2 children.
I've also had problems for about 2 years now with irregular periods, or as they call it medically, amennorhea. So far this year, I think it came twice. I have been prescribed Provera to force my period to begin, which causes some really bad cramping.

My objective is for me & my family to make changes towards a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthier. Not eating out as much.
Use the HCG, which I have a month's supply to help me lose weight.
I plan on using the workout room at my workplace. 30mins. Goal: 4xs a wk
Taking my kids more often to the park and walking laps at the park.
Swim laps at the pool.
Following the specified diet while using the HCG for a jump start on weight loss.

Does anyone have any experience using HCG for weight loss?


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I haven't tried HcG but I did b12 injections with awesome results! With the irregularity of your periods & carrying most of your weight in your stomach it sounds like you might have PCOS/Insulin Resistance. I have both. Be careful with the Metformin as it is possible that it could drive you into diabetes rather than preventing it. It also causes hair loss.

Metformin reference
Wellness Alternatives of St. Louis

Insulin Resistance

More PCOS info: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Treatment & Resources


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I've started the HCG this morning. Took .25 by mouth. Day 1 & 2-need to eat normally including fats so the medicine Releana gets into my system.

After reading over a lot of info from the above websites, I've become very scared/worried that I won't be able to have a baby.


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Ok, update!!!
Weekend exercise.
In the morning, in between running errands, I stopped by my doctor's office to get on the Vibrating machine, it's timed to do i think like 15-20mins.
Later in the PM,
Me and my kids went on a local trail. It's a 5 mile walk, and we completed it in a little less than 2 hours.
Went to the pool and swam. Stayed around 2 hours, swam 4 laps across the deepest part of the pool. Couldn't really do much, since there was lots of people in the water.
Went to a birthday party, but was happy to stick with my diet!
The food wasn't great so I tried it but didn't eat much. I also ate before I went to the party, so I wouldn't give in to temptation. I didn't even taste the birthday cake or jello. but I kinda wanted to.
My plans today is to go to the gym on my lunch break and work the treadmill at least a half hour.


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Does anyone have experience using Whole Body Vibration Machines?
What were the results?

(The attached pic is the one they have at my doctor's office.)


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Yesterday was really tired, and only did 10-15mins on the elliptical machine
while watching this tv show called Man vs Food where this guy was trying to eat the "Sasquatch Burger", 7 1/2 pounds of beef, bread, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles!!!

~Woke up early to prepare my lunch~
Salad from just plain lettuce, roma tomato, half a lime, 1 grilled boneless/skinless chicken breast. (George Foreman is my friend!) & Homemade Salsa
and im carrying around my gallon of water and my tazo passion fruit tea, yum!
i think i will start keeping track of how much water i drink, and shoot for a goal of a gallon...?..
didn't get up earlier enough to go do the vibrating machine, oh well, will go tommorrow.


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Today I'm having major cravings! For something fried & something sweet!
Anyone have suggestions on what to eat when this happens?


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I have the same problems with my period I don't get it to often cuz of my weight and when I do have it it last really time I had my period last for a for ur cravings I would say try and eat a fruite maybe like pineapple cuz it is sweet or a green know what's really good and it only has 9g of sugar in the whole bag is targets trail mix it called monkey munch it has dried fruits and stuff in it


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mine doesn't come often but it doesn't last long either, idk.
yeah as soon as i got home i thought i was going to cave in, but i had a granny smith apple and a few teaspoons of all natural peanut butter and it REALLY helped!
The fruits listed on my diet are:
Apple, Strawberries (6 large), Orange, 1/2 Grapefruit
Nothing else listed!
Go figure, I was checking the internet for a list of fruits lowest in sugar and came up with: rhubarb, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, lemon & lime juice.
Orange is listed as high sugar content. and the rest are listed as medium.
I really love strawberries but the ones sold at stores around here tend to be overripe. oh well
Im up early to prepare my lunch and to make sure I get to the doc's office this morning.


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Made it to the doctor's office this morning and did the 10min cycle
+plus an additional 5mins or so to work my stomach area.
Weigh lost: 6lbs!


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Seeing the scale, I felt like this
, and I took a pic of it with my cell phone to show my kids when I get home. They are very supportive of me!


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Originally Posted by chiquilla_loca
Made it to the doctor's office this morning and did the 10min cycle
+plus an additional 5mins or so to work my stomach area.
Weigh lost: 6lbs!

Congrats and remember to take it one meal at a time! Sometimes when you look too far ahead the goal seems impossible.....but 1 small step at a time seems much easier! Keep up the good work.


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I'm proud of myself!
I've been getting up early to prepare my lunch. That way I don't fall into temptation of going to the mexican restaurant next door.
Today I prepared boneless/skinless chicken breast, with lots of seasonings, chopped tomato & onion. and for vegetables I boiled some zucchini and cauliflower and added some Mrs. Dash.
Made some cinnamon tea and put that in my thermos.
Went to World Market last night, and bought some Fuji Apples and raspberries. expensive but hopefully worth it.
Also for snacking got some celery sticks and 2 tbs all natural peanut butter.
I was walking around in World Market for like a half hour trying to figure out what to buy. I'm really trying to stay away from processed foods, I was going to buy a Pineapple Cucumber Gazpacho, but saw that it contained 11 grams of sugar per serving, and it was a 2 serving pint container, so I put it back!
I guess I could try making it myself.
I need some more fresh ideas.....Help anyone?


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Wow u just made me really really hungry with your lunch....I wish I could tell you what are good heaalthy meals but I don't knoww anything my self so I would say google it

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