Suicide - Do you feel for them or do you think it's selfish?


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Unless you've been there I personally don't think you can form an opinion. I have suffered from depression all my life and attempted suicide many times when I was in my teenage years. I've also thought about it as an adult. People who commit suicide are often in so much pain that they don't even have the mental capacity to think outside of themselves. It's not about hurting other ppl, it's about making the pain go away because you just can't go on. Ppl that suffer from derpression also have a hard time reaching out and/or asking for help because they may feel like a burden or feel that they can't let ppl know they don't have it all together.

If someone close to me killed themself, sure I would be angry because I loved them and they are now gone. But would I consider them selfish-no way. I would feel bad that they hurt so much and weren't able to find hope.


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GalleyGirl, people that are depressed to the point of suicide are not thinking, "Yeah, it's rough, but my mom loves me.....and my little sister needs help with her Science Project that's due next week. I must live." Wow, if only they did.....There is a total disconnection from every one around them in some way or another. Getting to the point of suicide is determining that life is not going to get any better than it is right now. Some people can snap out of it and find reason or strength to go on. Many suicidal people don't.


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I gotta be honest-when you are that so far in the hole of emotional vomit that you really are contemplating killing yourself, you really don't have anyone to answer to you. You can't really listen to reason.

And if you really do have to answer to someone else like your family then the next question is-how do you answer to them? You can't. Once someone commits suicide other than a note if it's left-their voice is silent. They have no one to answer to on earth. They only have God to answer to at that point.

But I do not think that they are selfish until we can see what they have seen and gone through what they have gone through etc.


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Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one :) And my heart goes out to anyone who has contemplated or attempted suicide, I don't know where you have been or what it was like - I can just tell you what its like on the other side of the fence, for the family members of those who have contemplated it before.


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One thing I thought of this weekend....

suicide is kinda a homocide by society/environment.

The situations leading up to that person's decision to take their own life are often so influenced by what ppl do (or don't do) and what goes on in their life that they have no control of that they seek out this means as an end to the pain.

Yeah...I was having a shitty weekend...


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GalleyGirl-I'll go along with agreeing to disagree

Thestars-you are absolutely right. I don't think our society really knows what it getsitself into...KWIM?

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