Summer '06 (compilation of collection information)


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So I saw this somewhere (can't really reveal the source) but it's an update of all the upcoming collections and a witty bitty description of them... ENJOY!!!

[Sweetie Cake]- all locations

Mouthwatering (light peachy beige)
Petit Four (bright coral w pink frost)
Pink Meringue (Mid-tone pink w gold pearlized pigments)
Sweetie Cake (bright fuchsia w intense pearlized pigments)

Petit Gloss
Glaze (Petit Four pink w white/pink gloss "icing")
Millefeuille (coral w fuchsia gloss "icing")
Plum Parfait (mid-tone pink w deep plum gloss "icing")

4 Pallette e/s set 4 Sweetie Cakes
Almond icing (grey w pink pearlized pigments/frost)
Demi-sweet (grey plum w blue pearlized pigments/satin)
Gateaux (pale pink w frost/frost)
Sugar blue (greened teal w pink pearlized pigments/velvet) very pretty color!

Softsparkle eye pencil these are so pretty!
Iris accents (violet w silver pearlized pigments)
Nightsky (true black with silver pearlized pigments)
Peacocked (rich torquoise green with silver pearlized pigments)
Reflecto mid-tone blue w silver pearlized pigments)
Ultra-chill (pale mint green w silver pearlized pigments)

Apricot pink (mid-tone pink coral)
Lily white (light neutral w gold pearlized pigments)
Pinked mauve (deep mauve w gold pearlized pigments)

Nail lacquer
Blue spinkles (pale blue w rainbow pink glitter)
Rose topping (rosy pink w rainbow glitter)

[Sundressing] May 4 - all locations

Apres Sol (bronze-beige w gold pearlized pigments/lustre)
Pink Cabana (bright coral-pink w gold pearlized pigments/frost)
Coppertime (hot copper w silver pearlized pigments/lustre) very pretty!!
Sundressing (bronzed plum w pearlized pigments)/frost)
Tanarama (repromote)

Glamoursun (sun-beige w pink pearlized pigments)
Languish (bronzed wine w gold pearlized pigments)
Tres Cher (fresh mid-tone plum w gold pearlized pigments)
C-Thru (repromote)

Relaxing (pale copper buff w red frost/frost)
Summer Neutral (soft olive green w frost/frost)
Bateau (wood brown/matte)
Fontainbleu (mediterranean blue w pink duochrome/lustre)
In living pink (peachy-pink w gold pearlized pigments/veluxe pearl)

Gold dusk (light yellow gold)
Softwash grey (grey w purple pearlized pigments) different & very pretty!

Powerpoint eye pencil
Stubborn brown & Light as air (both repromotes)

Pro Lash Mascara

Beauty Powder
pretty! not like the ones that came out w Catherine D they're sparkly!
Shell pearl (fresh mid-tone peach w gold pearlized pigments)
Sunsparkled pearl (bright sunny beige w gold pearlized pigments)

[Liquidlast Liner] May 4 - All locations
I can NOT wait for these to come out!!! These things are waterproof & last forever! The only way to get them off is cleanse off oil, kinda like the prolongwear. And if you thought boot black or blacktrack was black, guess again point black is BLACK!
Powerplum (deep plum w red pearlized pigments)
Coco bar (deep chocolate brown)
Point Black nuf said!
Aqualine (bright teal w gold pearlized pigments) u need to get this one!
Dress Khaki (khaki green w yellow pearlized pigments)
Inky (navy blue w low-level pearlized pigments)
Pop iris (clean mid-tone violet w pink pearlized pigments)
Auto-orange (rusted copper w pearlized pigments)
Blue herizon (mid-tone blue w pearlized pigments)
Fuchsia-ism (clean mid-tone fuchsia w pearlized pigments)
Greenplay (clean yellow/green w pearlized pigments)
Classic cream (white gold)

[Summerwear] May ? - Nordstrom only during rewards night
4 pallette e/s set
Lightweight black

[Sundressing Body & Summer Bags] May 18 all locations
Sundressing (mousse body makeup for a tanned look)
Deep Dark

Nail Lacquer
Seadip (sea-blue w red & pruple duochrome/frost)
Resortware (pure soft gold w pearlized pigments/frost)
Summery (sun-drenched apricot/cream)
Cabana (molasses brown w red pearlized pigments/frost)

Summer bags
Rectangle MAC/small/poppy red
Rectangle MAC/small/budding green
Rectangle MAC/medium/greige

[See Thru Color] May 18 - all locations
See Thru Lip Color
Lovin' it right (sheer berry pink)
Rose de sheer (transparent pink coral)
Not so shy! (see thru vivid purple red)

See Thru Cheek Color
Subtle hint (sheer soft warm pink)
Awash in pink (cool see thru vivd purple red)

Goldensoft (soft bronze w pearlized pigments)
Saphoric (red copper w pearlized pigments)
Valentine's (pink coral w gold pearlized pigments)
Cellopink (bright fuchsia w pearlized pigments)
Jellicious (deep plum w pink pearlized pigments)

[Lure] June 1 - all locations these are the ones with the torquoise packaging!
Lure (faint burgundy w silverpearlized pigments/glaze)
Stroke of lust (soft cool pink w frost/lustre)
Goddess (pink kissed beige w silver pearlized pigments/frost)
Pretty please (pale pearled pink/lustre)

Bait (coolr iris-pink w gold pearlized pigments)
Pink clash (soft golden pinky-peach w pearlized pigments)
Sex ray (fiery magenta w gold pearlized pigments)
Phosphorelle (milky white w red pearlized pigments)

Sea myth (off white w pink pearlized pigments/frost)
Idol eyes (repromote)
Mancatcher (pale lilac w purple pearlized pigments/frost)
Aquavert (pale yellow green w white pearlized pigments/veluze pearl) pretty!
Waternymph (soft teal w emerald pearlized pigments/frost) pretty!
Black Tied (repromote)

Nightfish (soft black)
Haunting (soft mid-tone plum)
Delphic (bright torquoise w silver pearlized pigments) pretty!

Blushcreme Pearl
Maidenchant (soft mid-tone pink w silverpearlized pigments)
Lune (pale peach w gold pearlized pigments)

Prolash Mascara

208 & 212 brush

[Hooked] June 1 - all locations
Face & Body Bronze FX ther're like the hyper real bronze fx but better!!
Golden (neutral soft golden bronze)
Deeper Bronze (deep warm bronze)

Bronzing powder
Golden (repromote)
Refined Enriched Bronze (intense golden bronze)

Pearlizer - they're back!
Good as gold (soft gold w shimmer)
Apripeach (pale coral w shimmer) pretty!

[Bait] June 1 - all locations
Moisturegleam use before face & body FX looks amazing!

Microfine refinisher (repromote)

Blot film (repromote)

Tinted Lip Condition Stick SPF 15 yay I'm excited!!!
Beach Gold (soft tan w subtle gold pearlized pigments)
Pink Resort (sexy mid-toned pink w subtle gold pearlized pigments)
After-Tan (bleached-out coral w subtle gold pearlized pigments)
Sun Under (soft naked beige w subtle gold pearlized pigments)

[She-Shines] June 15 - all locations
Shimmertime (soft baby pink)
Dazzleray (sunny golden peach)
Golder's Green (sea-green w gold pearlized pigments)
Azreal Blue (cool soft blue w silver pearlized pigments)
Night Light (smokey olive green w gold pearlized pigments)
Sunnydaze (soft apricot-taupe w silver pearlized pigments)
Sunpepper (deep rosy taupe w silver pearlized pigments)
Rose (repromote)
Frost (repromote)

Brush 217 & 239

[Turquatic] July 6 - all locations
Crystal Rose (vibrantly fresh pink w pearlized pigments)
Orangedescence (pearly peach w pearlized pigments)
Vibrational (neon yellow w pearlized pigments)

Eye shadow
Purple Shower (medium-tone magenta w silver pearlized pigments/satin)
Light Ray (pale light pink/lustre)
Pink Source (sunny mid-tone pink w silverpearlized pigments/lustre)
Turquatic (fresh light torquoise w silver pearlized pigments/lustre)

Creations Hue: Turquatic
if you haven't picked up this fragrance yet, you should! It's been a fav of mine since I first smelled it! Love it!


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Can feel the money leaving my wallet......

Oh my....there are SO many of these that I find very appealling. And just to think I just spent almost $200 last night at the MAC coutner.....


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Thank you so much! I've been DYING for info on that collection! I'll be buying both colours, definitely!


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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for the Turquatic lipglass especially the Orangedescence (pearly peach w pearlized pigments)!!!!! Again OMG!!!

I thought the See Thru Cheek Color will be only 2 shades????? Why????


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What is up with all the greige?? I don't want a greige makeup bag...bleh.

But See-Through Color sounds AWESOME

*MaC WhoRe*

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:: stands up, pulls out pockets, as flies come out, and then screams a really long wail::: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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Originally Posted by *MaC WhoRe*
:: stands up, pulls out pockets, as flies come out, and then screams a really long wail::: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

lmao lmao lmao


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Originally Posted by Joke
Sounds awesome!
But why so little turquoise with the turquatic?

oh well... we'll all have hot makeup and be skinny - there's worse things (just looking for the silver lining to being broke, lol).

Not to sound like a downer because I'm super excited about like 90% of everything but too many lustres and I was hoping there'd be more cheeck stains that that. I looooove cheek stains but from the description neither of those would suit my coloring. Oh well, if they're a hit I'm sure MAC will come out with more.


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Originally Posted by lianna funny...I think none of us will be eating all summer!

lol yes... mac is making me poor, oh well

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