the champagne of beers..


Well-known member my lover tonight. high life baby. gotta love it.. hahahah...

soooooo my bf surprised me with lil wayne concert tickets for my birthday. Let me tell you.. BEST birthday present EVER. it was both our first concert too. and we had floor seats. I tell you that lil wayne never ceases to amaze me

anywho.. heres what my makeup looked like. Sorry the first pic doesn't have very good lighting. And in the second pic, I'm under the influence of.. something lol. thats why my eyes are super small. enjoy!



mufe foundation and powder
msfn dark
lilicent blushcreme
petticoat msf

bare canvas paint
mangomix s/s
mythology e/s
paradisco e/s
indian ink e/s
plum dressing e/s
stars n rockets e/s
llama e/s
vanilla e/s
blacktrack f/l
some red cherry lashes

blankety l/s
up the amp l/s
some light purple plushglass


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Even if the pic is blurry your makeup still looks bomb.. which is nothing new.. and you got your drunk eyes on? haha.. at least you're not a sloppy drunk! Pretty looks as always girly!


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thanks girls
def was not under the influence of alcohol, I only had 1 beer. Get this, I paid $11 for a freakin 24 oz. corona. Ridiculous!!!!!! But hey, I was thirsty. haha..


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hApPy late b*day...
you lOOk gOrg!!!
wEEzy = the business!!!

(((under the influence...lOl, i smell what you're steppin in lOl)))


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thank you everyone!

Originally Posted by Nyla2120
Gorgeous! Color placement?

bare canvas paint---- all over
mangomix s/s--- just on lid
mythology e/s---- over mangomix on lid
paradisco e/s---- over mythology in the center of the lid
indian ink e/s---- outter v
plum dressing e/s---- crease
stars n rockets e/s---- crease, over plum dressing to lighten it
llama e/s---- highlight, to blend out the PD and SNR
vanilla e/s---- right under brows

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