the champagne of beers..


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Did you stop off for some $0.99 tacos at Jack in the Box after? It is a must!!!! You look perfect, as always!!


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I <3 ur you line the bottom of them or are they just that perfect?


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Originally Posted by mzreyes
thank you everyone!

bare canvas paint---- all over
mangomix s/s--- just on lid
mythology e/s---- over mangomix on lid
paradisco e/s---- over mythology in the center of the lid
indian ink e/s---- outter v
plum dressing e/s---- crease
stars n rockets e/s---- crease, over plum dressing to lighten it
llama e/s---- highlight, to blend out the PD and SNR
vanilla e/s---- right under brows

Thanks girlie! I must try this look!

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