the "I got ENGAGED!" fotd


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And this is what I will be wearing to the engagement party. If you have any other ideas for a makeup look that would go well with this outfit, please feel free to give me some suggestions! I would love some advice. This is just a test run, I'm sure I'm going to change it up quite a bit. The lip color especially - in regular light in looks great, but with the flash, it doesn't seem to match!



And a picture of the outfit!


Lash Discovery mascara
UDPP in Sin
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania - Walnut Pearl
Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow crayon in black
Wet 'n' Wild H2O Proof liquid eyeliner in black
Wet 'n' Wild creme eyeliner in black

MAC Select Cover up - NW35
MAC Select Tint foundation - NC45
L'oreal HIP Vibrant Shimmer bronzing powder - Glowing
NYX blush - Copper

NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil - Damned
Victoria's Secret lipgloss - Oatrageous


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Congratulations on your engagement!!

I think you look absolutely beautiful and the outfit is gorgeous. Have fun!


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Congrats! That outfit is gorgeous and you look great! I second the idea of adding gold/orange colors into the eye look.


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Congrats on the engagement!
With an awesome sari like that, I think you should go waayyyy more dramatic with the eye makeup. Otherwise the look as a whole might seem a bit off. And your lips don't have to match the blouse, unless you're absolutely set on it.

Idea #1:
Eyes - bronze on the lid, gold on the inner corner, a deep brown in the crease, with glamorous winged out black liner
Cheeks - peachy blush, gold highlight
Lips - nudy peach gloss, something on the light and sweet side
(Zerin has a great tutorial on her blog for something similar)

Idea #2: Think Penelope Cruz with matte red lips!
Eyes - Kohl-rimmed eyes, matte peach/coral/medium brown lids, matte brow highlight, super-lush lashes
Cheeks - matte red or terracotta
Lips - line and fill in the lips with your Nars liner, but instead of the gloss, swipe on a matte opaque red lipstick.

I personally like to do dramatic eyes with a nude lip (I have wonky lips...) when I dress up in saris and salwars. Batting my massive lashes makes me feel oh so Bollywood glam.


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I think you look gorgeous as is and CONGRATULATIONS!! If you did want to try something else, I second the gold/orange on the eyes and adding a bit more drama.


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congrats!!! this is pretty!!!!!!!!! i would add some more oomph!!! on the eyes but thats me lol


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this is a beautiful look. i like it a lot and it looks great on you. congrats on your engagement! =D

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