the "I got ENGAGED!" fotd


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congrats... and I love the lashes.. but I would suggest a bold lip... i think others have suggested it and its a great idea.. a matte red maybe?


Congrats on your engagement and the saris is gorgeous! Maybe a little bold black eyeliner on your beautiful eyes to finish off the look?


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i always love those indian style dresses...or i dont know the right word sorry but i love it! ur gorgeous!


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you look beautiful! and i must say u have some sexy lips! no homo lol!!!! i think the sari is so pretty too!!!


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OMG, you are soooo beautiful! Love that amazing sari. I agree that you could go much more dramatic on the eyes if you're comfortable with that. So rich metallics would be gorgeous with a more dramatic black liner perhaps.

And by the way, I'm in Arizona, am a photographer and would be honored to photograph your wedding(and I'm very reasonable.) You can see my stuff at Artistic Imaging. If you're at all interested, let me know. I've been dying to do a traditional ethnic wedding. All those white gowns, while beautiful, all begin to look the same but I've seen such amazingly beautiful Wedding clothes from India and the Indian women, gah, so breathtaking.