The Mother of all Train Case's ?


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Originally Posted by Jade M
Wow that's amazing - its very very cool!

Its definately NOT a real MAC product, but cool regardless.

I did notice that the seller on ebay has an awful lot of FAKE MAC brush sets
This always makes me sad - I hate it when people bring in the sets they bought on ebay to my counter and think they are real - its so sad when you see how dodgy they are, I feel like I'm going to break their heart by telling them.

That is a great debate, is it a real MAC product? or a Fake?
the cardboard box that it came in had the MAC Logo on it.
I look at it this way, it could be possible that MAC approached the company that manufactures their smaller train cases with this design.. maybe for broadway shows? Fashion Shows? events along those lines.. i am not sure

or someone is rebranding?

Regardless of it having a genuine MAC logo or not, i couldnt be happier with it and to date i have not seen anything else like it... haha i just wanted somewhere to store my hauls

I do not support the Fakes market, i would hate to think how many newbies get caught out spending higher than retail prices for dud products.
I have bought all of my products from MAC, i would hate to catch a bad batch and have a nasty break out or allergic reaction...

Originally Posted by NappyMACDiva3
Nice Station. I thought I had some pigments. You have me beat hands down. Pigments are my favorites since they can be used for so much. You have the best collection of pigments I have seen so far. I wish I would have started collecting them from day 1.


i think i have a fettish for pigments...and MSF i simply can not resist, they would have to be my fave products


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oh. my god.

jesus I really envy you!

Send me stuff you don't want! (just kidding, unless you want to

'Some people spend their whole life trying to find something they love. I already found mine. Makeup.'


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I opened the page, and it was like the clouds parted and angels started singing a harmonious chord. What a great collection!!!


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Originally Posted by Mac2Perfection
If you don't mind me asking where did you get your lip laquers stands..i would love to have one of those for mine...

That's what I want too! I love the case, but I want the gloss holders even more.

Now I'm debating if to buy one of these beauty cases instead of a whole vanity!
I'm very tempted.....I don't have much makeup so I won't need one that size.

Has anyone seen the lipglass stands on ebay ever?

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