The Mother of all Train Case's ?


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this is the closest thing i found it but its pricer $2,000.00 follow this link


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Hi! I would like to thank you all for your wonderful feedback, with my quest for info on the MAC Case, I did manage to get my hands on one, now i can share my stash with you all hope you like it Quote:
Originally Posted by chynegal
could u show us what it looks like?
here's some pics
enjoy (please excuse the clutter, i use the draw space for backups)
top section
Drawer 1 - Napoleon Perdis Drawer 2 - MAC Eye Pencils, Paint Pots, Paints, shadesticks, Liner etc
Drawer 3 - MAC quads, eye shadow pots, glitter liners Drawer 4 - MAC Pro Pan refils, lashes, mascara, Mineralize eyeshadow, ltd pallets & refils etc
Drawer 5 - MAC Lipstics & Lip glosses etc Drawer 6 - MAC Blushes, Beauty Powder, Glimmer Shimmer etc
Draw 7 - Pigments & Glitter brilliants
Draw 8 - Pigments, solar bits etc
Drawer 9 - Brush Rolls, Sponges, Beauty Powder, Bronzer, MSF
Lip Stands -Asst Lip Products Lipglass, Lustreglass, plushglass
3d glass, chrome glass, Dazzleglass
Lipglass, laquer
Mascara, Brow set, Pro Longwear
The Lipstick stand
Makeup OCD orgasm!!!
Originally Posted by tangledrose
Really now?...... Hmmmmmm. Wonder if there will be wiggle room in the tax refund? I think the courier fee is a bit steep. I can pretty much fly down and bring the loot home with me for that price.

Actually my fiance just announced that its cheaper to get a motorbike shipped up to us from WA to QLD than that. (He also told me to go to Bunnings and grab a deluxe toolbox. Might look into that)

very true, the postage costs is a killer, but its a big unit its about 1.2 mtrs tall and weaighs at least 50kg... but i still think that $395 postage is a joke, lucky i could pick mine up looks like i saved a pretty penny

bunnings do have some alternatives they are not always that cheap either, for me i leave the tool boxes in the garage, that way hubby and i dont get mixed up with our work can also try camera or Dj style equiptment cases

this case was the perfect storage solution for my needs, so i couldnt be happier smiles.gif

Originally Posted by mintbear82
OMG, that isn't a traincase it's a small apartment!... WOW.... I can't believe how much stuff you have. I wish I had a traincase like that. How did you get your hands on that?

i bought it from a private sale in parramatta (sydney) but i have since seen them listed on ebay, it may be the same importer??


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