The NEW official Specktra swatch request thread!


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How do I make a swatch request?
Easy! Post a reply to this thread with the item that you'd like to see swatched, plus any condition requests (on unlined lips, on dark/pale skin, etc). This not a thread exclusively for MAC products.

How do I answer a swatch request?
Even easier! When you see a swatch request you simply click and then you can respond to the request by either attaching an image file, link to a picture uploaded to the Specktra Gallery or link to an image uploaded to a private server or image hosting site like Photobucket. Don't forget to give as much relevant detail as you can - lighting conditions, whether or not you've used a base, and other little but important details.

Please do not start a new thread with an individual swatch request, or respond to a swatch request in this thread with a new individual thread. The point of this thread is to keep all our miscellaneous swatches as a single easily-searched resource.

Some quick tips:

  • Be realistic with your swatch requests. If you ask for every single eyeshadow MAC has to be swatched against each other, your chances of getting a complete request are very slim. I suggest asking for no more than five or six items per request and space your requests over a few days.
  • Don't bump your requests. If someone is able to fulfill your request, they will do so without you posting multiple bumps.
  • The swatch thread only works if people give and take in equal amounts. If someone fulfils your request, please see if you can answer someone else's swatch request.

Sample request:

Quote: Originally Posted by Junkie
Originally Posted by Spengl
I would too love to see Ripe Peach vs Fleur Power, pleaseeeeeeee
Thanks so much in advance.


L-R: Joyous, Ripe Peach, Fleur Power

And remember, a clear swatch is a useful swatch! Try to be as colour accurate as possible, make sure the picture is in focus, and try to include as much relevant detail as you can. Unless the request asks for products to be layered ("Rebel lipstick over Beet lipliner, please!"), avoid layering products - it alters the colour and texture of the swatch and makes it a little less useful.

Happy swatching!


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I would like to see swatches of Venetian Lustreglass vs. Valentines Lipgelee either on bare lips or skin! Thanks!

Plus if it helps I am very pale with thin, light pink lips! Lol


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Shitaki l/s please! - cause there's currently nowhere a swatch to be found of this, it would be a real service to the community
. (on pale-to-medium lips, light skin or paper would all be fine)

If possible vs. a well-known neutral shade like VGV or Hug Me or other (for real-life-assessment of screen colors).

Maybe finally someone will lift the mystery


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Can somebody please swatch Barbie Fab blush and Nars Outlaw?
I'm NC25/30 if that helps at all.



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Could someone please post a swatch comparison of Dove Feather and Shale? I'd just like to see how they look together. I'm about an NC 20.
If you have any other purple/lavender/plum colors, would love to see those, too.



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Originally Posted by emilyjoy
Anyone have a swatch of High Strung or Snob on unlined lips?

Thanks a million!


Snob lipstick: natural lighting, on medium pigmented lips with no liner or base!


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Originally Posted by Arabella
Could someone swatch some red MAC lipsticks? Thanks.

Here you go!

All on the inside wrist with no base, natrual lighting and colour accurate.


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Originally Posted by charismaticlime
Could someone please swatch either of the following:

Expensive Pink vs. Mythology

Here you go!

Mythology and Expensive Pink swatched on inside wrist with NW15 Select Cover-Up as a base.

Natrual lighting, colour accurate.



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Originally Posted by insanebeauty27
Could someone swatch aquadisiac & turquatic? Thanks in advance.

a swatch for charismaticlime and insanebeauty27



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Originally Posted by allThingsGirl
I know this is probably kinda old, but I would love to see a swatch and pic of the SWEET TEA QUAD.

unforgettable posted an image of the Sweet Tea quad in the Gallery.



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Originally Posted by Kim.
Swatches of Woodwinked Vs. Mac chocolate brown pigment vs. bronze e/s

Please and thank you

I threw in Twillery too, just becaue I love it.

L-to-R: Twillery, Woodwinked, Bronze, Chocolate Brown. artificial light & no flash on NC35 skin with no base.


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Could someone who has the Catherine Deneuve Laze Eyes quad please post a comparison swatch on skin of Laze vs Malt, Orb, Yogurt or any other e/s from the regular line they think is closest to Laze? I'm trying to replicate the Laze Eyes quad (Vanilla, Kid, Shale, Laze) and never saw Laze in person. Thanks so much!


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Can someone please swatch Viva Glam l/s with Russian Red l/g on top and another with Russian Red l/s with Russian Red l/g on top? Thanks!


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Re: need swatches asap,please!

Originally Posted by AikO
so,kitchmas,coco,jewelmarine and deckchair!
if you have,please-show me!

i also wanna see the difference between old gold and just gold.
thank you!

comparison of deckchair vs. goldenaire for you. people have always wondered about the resemblance, so here you go! both pictures have deckchair on the left & goldenaire right.



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