The NEW official Specktra swatch request thread!


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For whoever wanted swatches of:

lavender whip,playtime, fresh amour, blooming lovely, up the amp, go for it

candy yum yum, barry M 52 and 62, NARS schiap, hollywood nights, girl about town

Prince noir, black knight, rebel, covergirl euphoria, spit fire,

The gallery view of the album is nice for comparison:


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If someone could please post a picture of Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in shades NW 25, NC25 and NC 30, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!


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I'd love to see the lightest two shades in Chanel Mat Lumiere (02 Porcelaine and 14 Ivory) swatched side-by-side. Mercy buckets! :)
I'd still like to see this, but if you're outside the US, I'd like to see swatches of the lightest Mat Lumiere shade (or two) sold in your respective countries. Thank you! :)


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I'd love to see some swatches of Clinique foundations! I can't find them ANYWHERE. : /

Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder
Perfectly Real Compact Makeup
Perfectly Real Makeup
Stay-True Makeup Oil-Free Formula
Superpowder Double Face Makeup

Hopefully I'll see some NC42/43 shades.


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Could anyone please take a photo of NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia or Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk in 2 with Burberry Sheer Foundation in TRENCH NO.01?


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Hi can someone post a comparison of mac vera collection's midnight snack fluidline with bobbi brown graphite shimmer gel liner? I have the bobbi brown one but don't know if i should get the mac one too. I am pale, cool tone about nw15-nw25 so anything close to that would be great thanks :)


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Would someone be able to do a comparison swatch of Creamy Bisque from MAC Me Over and Blanc Type [ or Urban Decay Foxy; or MAC Llama (discontinued veluxe if someone still has it!) or white frost/similar light color.]

Or of Moleskin and Vex? Is anything close?

I'm basically wondering if there's something similar enough in the permanent line or if I should maybe try to find/swap for Creamy Bisque and Moleskin. :p

I don't have Moleskin to swatch for you, but it's absolutely nothing like Vex. Vex is frosty and grey-green with a pink sheen to it. Moleskin is pretty close to Urban Decay's Naked- matte soft neutral brown.


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i would love if someone could swatch the following mac lipsticks:
candy yum yum, quick sizzle, immodest, pink pigeon, and maybe girl about town too?

Kat K

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Could someone who has both NARS sheer glow in Deauville and MUFE HD in 118 post a comparison swatch of the two?
They are both suppose to be neutral undertone but I've heard that NARS SG Deauville runs yellow and 118 runs dark.
Thanks in advance!!


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Hi, can someone please post a swatch comparison of Illamasqua Nomad and Orly Mint Mojito polishes? I can't find one anywhere! I am having a hard time finding the Nomad color so I was trying to see if I could find a dupe. Thank you so much in advance!!


Hello girls! I adore hot pink lipsticks, so I'd be super thankful if someone could make comparable swatches od Illamasqua Eurydice, MUFE Artist Intense 36 and Barry M 52. I already own Eurydice, but want to buy the other two as well, I just wanna make sure they're not too similar/the same. :) Oh, and if you don't have MUFE 36, any other hot pink lipsticks swatched with eurydice would also be helpful. I'm NW15, so swatches on fair skin would be perfect! Thanks in advance!!!! ;)


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Hi ladies,

could someone please post swatches of MAC Yogurt versus MAC Vanilla to be able to compare (& maybe even throw in MAC Quarry)? I know they are different, but I would like to see how so.

(P.S. Swatch on a skintone of NW/NC15 until NW/NC30 would be grand).

Thanks so much in advance!


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Could someone please swatch....

Pink Tea next to Well Dressed?

Lovecloud next to Pleasantry?

Preferably on fair to medium skin :)
Looking for a swatch of:
MUFE HD (127/140)
NARS Sheer Glow (Fiji)
Chanel PL (20/30)
Dior Nude / Forever Flawless (21 Linen)

compared to MAC SFF in NC25/30.

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