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The only way to cover up extremely enlarged pores.

I have extremely enlarged pores across my cheeks and nose, and no amount of foundation will cover them up. First, I scrub my face mercilessly with exfoliating gloves (in this case only manual exfoliation will do). I also use a lotion, toner, or acne pad with 2% salycic acid (hope I spelled that correctly). Almost any acne medication will contain this ingredient, so don't feel compelled to spend a lot of money. Drugstore toners are the cheapest solution and they wont leave a strange residue or compete with your other lotions. They also have the added benefit of drying out the tips of blackheads to help them slough off more easily. In my case, most of my enlarged pores are so large that the blackheads are not even visible any more. If you have any pores that are as bad as mine than you will need to fill them in with a heavy, slightly powdery, stick concealer. Expensive brands are much more smooth and emolient so it might be best to use a very inexpensive drugstore brand, not your usual undereye concealer. Drag the stick across the affected area, pressing firmly in order to literally fill in the pores. Avoid smaller pores that still have some chance of healing, or you will only make them worse. Now it should look like your wearing a thick skin tone facial mask over the area. Wipe all of it off with a smooth damp tissue, leaving only the pores filled in. Don't be tempted to use makeup remover, a rough towel, or lots of water. Now you can apply your foundation as usual. This techique can also be used to fill n deep pit-shaped acne scars.Remember the concealer part of this tutorial is only to be used in worst case scenarios, like mine. If anyone has some criticisms, or their own tips on how to deal with severely enlarged pores, I would love to hear them. Has anyone heard of this technique before? Thanks!
Ps. Some extra tips to hide enlarged pores:
1) Don't attempt the dewy look with your foundation, it only accentuates every imperfection. The same is true for large amounts of powder.
2) Always use a small amount of mattifying powder across the t-zone.
3) Don't use any gel or cream blushes unless they dry to a very powdery finish.
4) If you can handle it, and it matches the rest of your makeup, lots of bright powder blush will destract from the problem very well.
5) Avoid excessively shimmery bronzer or blush.
6) Darker skin doesn't show imperfections as much, and an even skintone is very helpful, so try a facial sunless tanner.


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I know on MUA, people said otherwise, but I use the Biore Pore Minimizing Foaming Face Wash and Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astrigent and my pores have really become less noticeable. I don't know which one is doing the job or if it's the combo.

arabian girl

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thanx..mine are large


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I have very large pores over my nose and find 'Clinique Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector' cream to be a wonder product. It fills them in without being cloggy and creates a natural smooth appearance. Fantastic stuff! It only comes in two colours but you can wear your own foundation over the top. I'd definitely recommend it!


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I forgot which product it was from Este Lauder, but it worked awesomely to minimize my pores and other imperfections on my face. It was quite pricey though, thats why I discontinued (*sigh* poor student).

I think it was perfectionist?... uhmn Something in a green bottle...

Either way, I've tried Biore's Pore Minimizing cleanser and astrigent...
I don't like the cleanser because it contains a detergent that makes my skin tight and dry. I don't think it really works on me... : \


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Originally Posted by ahava
I have very large pores over my nose and find 'Clinique Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector' cream to be a wonder product.

I love this product too!!


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You really have to be careful about manual exfoliation. You can really damage your skin if you scrub it like kitchen floors.

I keep my pores clean with an aspirin scrub/mask. It is made from a paste of uncoated aspirin and a few drops of Spectro Jel (non foaming gel cleanser) or just plain water. Works best if you gently steam your face to open up the pores. I usually apply this right after a shower or during it for about 15 mins.

I use Clinique's Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control cream on my cheeks or where the pores are most prominent or a silicone based primer like Smashbox's Photo Finish. It fills in the pores and lasts much longer than filling them with concealer makeup.

Daily, I like to use Bare Minerals powder foundation and for special occasions, the Make Up For Ever Face and Body foundation. Then I blot with MAC's Blot Powder to take away the shine.


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I have HUGE pores. I also have acne scarring from when I was younger and lines from tanning. I find that the ONLY thing that has worked for me is to use a combination of Neutrogena's Mask/Scrub with Benzoyl Peroxide everyday as a cleanser and 3x a week as a mask. Then I use Pond's Purely Polished Microdermabrasion 2x a week. My husband has even commented on the difference in my skin.

Your info on make up for large pores is very helpful to me. Thank you so much!!


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I don't manually exfoliate too much because I find it just makes my pores look even larger.
However, I find that there are always some products that can help:
1. For exfoliation, I occasionally use the one that heats up with water contact to help loosen white/blackheads that are lodged deep within my pores. I use the one from Clinique or the Olay Skin Polisher (sorry I don't know exactly what they are! Let me try to find out once I get home.)
2. I use a toner with no alcohol content. I find harsh astringents make my face slightly discolored (light patches in the dry parts of my face) My toners are from Clinique (toning lotion), L'Oreal, and Shu Uemura (I use them interchangeably)
3. I've recently been using Kiehl's Overnight Biological Peel and it's awesome! Gives a really fine finish that minimizes both my pores and the fine care lines i have on my forehead.


Pureluxe's Eraser is an absolute miracle worker for me. it's like spackle for the big nasty pores around my nose and on my chin..even fills in the 'hole' from a nasty blackhead that won't go away.
Lord that makes my face sound nasty...honest i can leave the house without a paper bag and not scare small children


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Lots of tips ^^ I'm going to try the Clinique product! I've been religiously using pure cucumber gel for over 2 years now - and I do see a great difference in my pore size as well as dark circles. But, like I said - it is very time dependant.


I have noticeable pores on my nose and I love Dr. Brandt Pores No More, works like a charm. A little pricey, but you don't need much.