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The only way to cover up extremely enlarged pores.


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Doing a clay mask once or twice a week (depending on whether your skin is sensitive or not) can also help, because it helps to draw out whatever is in your pores so that it will appear smaller.
I definitely recommend the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It's uber good!

Don't forget to use a toner afterwards!


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Originally Posted by thiscarmen
I definitely recommend the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It's uber good!

Does anyone know if Canadian Walmarts sell this?!?!? I really would like to try this out


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I personally have two large pinhole sized pores in the middle of my cheek that are very noticeable and embarrassing for me. The only product that works is Concealapore Invisible Pore Concealer. Covers my large pore sites makes them instantly invisible. It is amazing and the coverage lasts.


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Try Concealapore. It works as an invisible pore filler/concealer. Provides coverage that lasts. I have two very large pores on my cheek, makes them invisible! Now have much more confidence and no one is starring at my large pores.


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That is very nice of you to share What Has worked for you...have you ever used Armani foundation?? The reason i ask ...look up Cindy Joseph cosmetics..she has a tutorial for older skin...I am 42... She is in her 60s..but I think my pores are larger than hers..anyways that's the foundation she uses and she looks good. I am wondering if it would work from my crater face....too much exfoliation and sun I think..depleted collagen..anyone have luck in regrowth of collagen with OTC creams??


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You can cover up large pores by how you apply your foundation. Before you apply any foundation or makeup products make sure to cleanse and moisturize your face.
1. Use a good quality primer before applying your foundation.
2. Know you skin type and prepare the right foundation according to your skin type.
3. Do not use too much foundation. Apply enough amount to evenly cover your face.
4. Apply a loose powder that matches the color of your foundation.


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one girl on youtube says taking Pantothenic acid and L-carnitine capsules actually shrinks the pores. I have yet to try it myself as I am not good with remembering to take capsules/vitamins regularly

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