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Okay, this is one of those silly poll threads. The point of it is to find out what everyone thinks is their most useful tools in their brush stash. So here it is:

You are on this fabulous cruise in
a. the Caribbean
b. the Mediterranean
c. Bali
d. or any place that you have fantasized about visiting the last couple of years that serves drinks with little umbrellas in them.

A giant storm system comes in and your boat is shipwrecked. You end up stranded on a desert island (just your luck!) and only have three brushes in your luggage that you saved. One of these is a face brush. One is an eye brush of some sort and one is a random brush of your choosing, because just knew this was going to happen and you couldn't live without this one brush.

What are they and why did you choose them?

Results will be graded on a curve.


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face brush - 187 because it can apply any face product fabulously

eye brush - 217 because it can be used for pretty much anything - a wash of color, crease color, blending, etc

other brush - 219 pencil eye brush because it is fabulous for crease color as well as lining


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Out of the ones I have...

187 - my face would not exist in any kind of pretty without it!

217 - love the fluffiness, easy to build up colour, can use for blending and in the crease.

266 - creates wonderful definition for my eyes (which desperately need it) and can be used to deposit colour as well.


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187-Do I really have to explain why?!

259-The GREAT multi-tasking brush..I can use this for almost any purpose
266-'Cause every gal needs a terrific lining brush, right?:thumbsup:


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187- My new love, why didn't I like this before?? It's amazing!
212 eyeliner- get's it perfect everytime
Not MAC, but my BE face brush is so fluffy and soft and buffs beautifully


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182 - This applies my blushcreme perfectly , along with MSFs and powder blush. I don't wear foundation, so this is the brush for me.
217- I need this to blend, I really do. At least I could shade well with my fingers.
266-I need this for my brows and fluidlines. Perfect brows are essential


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262(small angle brush) i use it for the v area and eyeliner.
213(fluff brush) for eyeshadow
and of course the 182 my big love for everything else.


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god i guess i'm going against the grain....but here goes
109 i love this brush, it buffs my powder out, i couldn't ive life without this brush most over used eye brush...i need a new one
266 for my fluidlines and brows


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face: 182 for all my face products - the 109 was a close 2nd though
eye: 252 for eye, 217 was a close 2nd but I love to pack on color on my lid
other:263 brows and liner


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#187- for anything with the face
#224- works for most of what you need on your eyes
#266-because where would I be without my Espresso filled in eyebrows?


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187-I just got this and can't believe I waited this long!
217-I love this for the crease especially, but could easily use it for applying all my e/s.
208-I use this everyday for lining with fluidline.


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187 because it's so versatile.
272 because you can pack on color and blend, in a pinch.
266 for detail work, brows, and liner.


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lol. i'm just imagining being stranded on a desert island... opening your luggage... and discovering your three brushes... and that's it! nobody mentioned any makeup would be in with the luggage!
unless i read over it cuz i'm so tired. :187's sand on my cheeks:

anyway, here we are. practical and essential:

1: 187 to apply shooting star msf with to achieve "bronzed desert island look."
2: some sort of eye brush to highlight small, key areas of the face with (browbone, inner eye, bridge of nose, etc.) could be any brush, really. maybe the 239. or probably one smaller than that... i could probably even fill in my eyebrows with it if i had do. island living requires a dewy, golden, bright face!
3: not even my favorite but just going with the theme, here... a 316 lip brush to apply sun-kissed coral lip (sashimi mimi anyone?) or maybe a nude. dollop of wonderstruck lustreglass in the middle!

but i guess you dont' really need the lip brush to do that? a 266 probably makes more sense for eyes anyway anyway. or maybe we should switch that for the place of the 239 instead. i dunno, i give up at this game. i'm too tired.

poof. hot island babe with just 3 (4?) brushes.

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