Tinton Falls, NJ CCO (Jersey Shore Premium Outlets)


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I stopped by the CCO on the way to Six Flags. My first impression was that it was a very well stocked and organized CCO. They had tons of stuff. I don't have the best memory but I will list everything that stood out to me. It's just the tip of the iceberg though.

I bought:
188 brush (brushes were kept in glass cups on a glass shelf)
Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass Creme
My Favorite Pink Dazzleglass Creme

They had:
Tons of MSFs like SO Ceylon, Perfect Topping, Refined, Smooth Merge, Triple Fusion, Cheeky Bronze. Definitely the best selection of MSFs in the tri-state area.
They had tons of pigments but I remember they had Blonde's Gold specifically
Pleasureseeker lipstick (I remember this because I was tempted to buy it)
All the mineralized blushes from the Grand Duos collection
Lots of Dazzleglass Cremes, which were behind a mirrored cabinet.
Hello Kitty stuff is behind the counter like the Beauty Powders
The 2009 Holiday stuff
A MAC blush I never saw before called WHIM, which was such a pretty baby pink.
Lots of cream blushes like Ladyblush
Angel blush! I haven't seen this at any other CCO in the area.

As for Bobbi Brown
Nude, Platinum Pink, Apricot Shimmerbricks
Nude eye palette
Velvet Plum Palette


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I was just there today and they had a really good selection. They also said that they are getting a shipment in the next couple of days and to check back to see what else they have. I couldn't write everything down because there was too much, but I will list what I remember and what I got. You can also PM me to ask if a specific item was there because I will remember it that way.

So here is what I picked up.

Grand Entrance, Lotusland, and Smoke & Diamonds from the Starflash collection

So Ceylon MSF

165 and 272 brushes

This is what they had:

Palettes from Graphic Gardens, Heatherette, Hello Kitty, and Dame Edna collectionn; also holiday palettes and last years Trip collection.

Single e/s, blushes and bronzers from Style Warriors.

Mineralize blushes from the Grand Duos Collection

Aside from the collections, they had a lot of single e/s, some perm, some LE.
Powder blushes and cream blushes
MSF's Petticoat, Refined, So Ceylon, Blonde (They had more but I can't name them off the top of my head)
Beauty Powders
Hyper Real Foundation
Select SPF Foundation
Studio Fix Fluid and Powder Foundation
Lipglosses, lipsticks, lipliners
LOTS and LOTS of pigments

As for the brushes, they had their holiday brush sets. The singles one that I remember seeing are:


I know they had more, but I can't remember what else. But since she told they were getting another shipment, I'm moslt likely going back since I really wanted Club E/S but they only had one and no tester and it looked like someonone had already swatched that one. If anyone is looking for a specific item, just PM and I will check to see if they get it with their new shipment if it's not already there.


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Originally Posted by CrazyBlue
Oh , the pigment selection looks great ! Anyone heading out there kind enough to do a CP ?

I just PM'd you.


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Originally Posted by gubbakka
Some pigments that I remember are ... vanila, blond's gold, goldmode,golden lemon,kitchmas,steel blue, antique green, vintage gold, deep blue green, heritage rouge, cocomotion, lovely lily (not very sure), bell bottem blue, jardin aires,province, silver fog(?), circa plum and reflects blackened red. They have 5-6 more pigments that I don't remember. That's a lot compared to woodbury commons cco;they have only...one!!!!

Hope that helps.
First time posting by the way

LOL! I agree! Woodbury sucks! But they have great other stores!


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I went to the CCO this past Monday and they have lots of stuff I want...I'm going to go on a pigment haul now that my To The Beach haul is completed. I also saw that they have She-Zam dazzleglass there since I missed it on the Goodbye list and they also have that Bobbi Brown black brush set that I want.

I picked up Vanilla e/s when I was there and it was the last one they had the girl who worked there said so that was a great buy for me since I don't have to pay full price at the MAC store for it.


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Originally Posted by brianjenny17
I'm going Saturday!! How was it recently??

I went last weekend and they had the same stuff described above.


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Originally Posted by mama2G
I went last weekend and they had the same stuff described above.

what you get??? (if you dont mind me asking)


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Originally Posted by brianjenny17
what you get??? (if you dont mind me asking)

I got smoke & diamonds back up, individual lashes and a lip liner.


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I was there today and i got smoke and diamonds and the mac 183 (kabuki brush)

they had a lot of palettes (shadowly lady, photo realisim, fafi, and others) and lots of brush sets. i was in a rush so i didnt look super closely, but there were also a lot of pigments


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in the gallery quad as well as tone grey, notoreity (sp?) and photorealism
reflects teal pigment
no more teal pigment, but they have vanilla, mutiny, can't remember others
some glitters
smoke & diamonds e/s (still)
out of Club e/s
I bought the last She-Zam dazzleglass (all of the others are available)
I bought the last Spiked brow pencil
Studio Fix Powder
the neutral pigments from last xmas collection
the pigments from last xmas collection that has fuchsia and grape in it
blot powder
pigments are few and far (although I picked up golden yellow)
fluidline (there were only two colors - can't remember)
paint pots are few and far (no popular colors)
great lipstick and lipglass selections
both hello kitty quads
no Dame Edna
three palettes from last xmas collection
nordstrom palette that everybody likes
lots of skincare stuff
notable blush
lots of mineralized blues and eyeshadows (duos & quads)
stick foundation (lots of colors)
face & body (lots of colors)
lots of regular blushes (mostly neutrals)
tons of nail polished
lots of msfs including two from Colour Craft

And that's all I can think of right now.


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I saw Shadowy Lady, Tempting, Photorealism, Notoreity (I think), In The Gallery, and one of the Fafi quads.
Electra, Paradisco, bunch of other e/s.
Circa Plum, Heritage Rouge, Vanilla, Mutiny, Blondes Gold, Tea Time, lots of other pigments. Lots of glitters too. A few reflects, Fuchsia, Gold, Jewelmarine.
Good lippie section.
Palettes from '09, '08, one palette from '07 holiday (cool set I think)
Pigment sets from last year and '08.
Heatherette Trio
Various MSFs, lots of MSFNs and MSFN+shimmer.
All 4 Cremeblend blushes.
Just a Pinch gel blush.
Lots of CCBs, including Crushed Bouganvielakladsfjsf (YOU KNOW) from Ungaro.
Beauty powder (Flower Mist Dew I think?) from Ungaro.
Bunch of powder and mineralised blushes. I remember X-Rocks being there. Bronzers from Style Warriors.
Random-Bunch of Pure White paintsticks.
Lots of face stuff. Studio Sculpt, Face & Body, etc. and select moisturecover concealer.
Good selection of skin care stuff. Also saw Naked Honey Skin Salve.
Big jar thing full of mascaras. One I pulled out was Dazzlelash.
Big jar full of nail polishes.
Saw some paintpots and fluidlines on display. Greenstroke & Rollickin' is all I can remember. Blue Peep and Brassy f/l.

That's all I can recall. HTH


Was there yesterday. Some of what I saw:

MAC MSFs/Blushes
- Earth to Earth
- Moon River
- Bi-Tone
- Superdupernatural
- Petticoat
- Strada
- Summer Rose Beauty Powder
- Just a Pinch Gel Blush
- Conjure Up

MAC Eyeshadow
- Warming Trend
- Go
- Vellum
- Mink & Sable
- Apres Ski
- Signed, Sealed
- Bough Grey
- Graphology
- Tempting

- Also, some quads (I don't know which), and a few eye palettes from Holiday 2009, a dozen or so pigments

Some of the Bobbi Brown:
- Shimmer bricks in Platinum Pink, Apricot, the "Body Shimmerbrick", and one or two others I forget
- Eyeshadows: Bash, Copper Penny, Ballet, Ivory, Rockstar, Blonde, Bonfire


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Whoo! just came back from Jersey Shore CCO today! A GREAT selection of MAC, i must say.

They had lipglosses from the Liberty of London Collection. Dazzleglasses, Cremesheen, LOTS of eyeshadows and other lip glosses, some 8-eyeshadow palettes from Graphic Garden, Royal Assets, '08 Holiday palettes (especially blush and lip sets and brushes), Lustre Drops from to the beach and style warrior (basically all 3 of the lustre drops), LOTS of brush sets from different collections including from last year's holiday collection, Rose Romance Beauty powders, Baroque Boudoir collection items, Heatherette trio, highlighters, foundations, naked honey lotion, cleanser, and I'm trying to remember as much as I can, but if I can remember more, I'll edit.

*Edit - also saw the pearlmatte shadow from lillyland collection and the coral lipglass from Fafi


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i went there for the first time this weekend... i didn't really NEEEEEED anything, since i work for MAC now+ pretty much get what i need when i need it. my main reason for going was to pick up some volcanic ash scrub. i was shocked at how much MAC they had! the only other cco i'd ever been to was woodbury commons(which is a:not exciting and b: after a crappy experience with a sales girl i'm just OVER IT.). they had lashes, skincare sets, tons of limited edition colors AND current colors, brush sets..... I only got the scrub, but if you have a chance to go here you should! THe sales girls were also really really reeeally nice.

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