Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Products


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I am in LOVE!!! When my sister brought me the palette I started calling it my new baby lol. The pigmentation of this palette is amazing I don't have to dig my brush into the pan.


I haven't seen anything about what it will look like though and since all the holiday stuff has either been released or will be in the near future, it makes me wonder if they are going to wait till November/December to release it or what. I wouldn't really call it a anniversary item if they are still selling it in 2012.

I agree, prehaps they were to caught up in the Naked2 & the new BOS to release it this month. Though I am beginning to wonder if we are still going to get the final goodie. Unless they release it tomorrow (not likely, but still possible) it's not going to count as a Anniversary product, just something random. D: x
I was at ulta has other day and noticed three eyeliner trios. the 3 different 24/7 liner packages had that 15 year anniversary logo on the eyeline unlike original 24/7 logoit wasn't like the mini eyeliners; they were full size and retail for 29 Usd. maybe they want to go ahead and use that as there fourth item, but honestly I don't think they're using that as there 4th item since I would think they would advertise the crap out of it just like they did with any other urban decay item. Along with the first anniversary set being 15 eyeliners retailing for 92? Usd. I'm just kinda shocked by urban decay with them still riding out the naked wave. I've heard about them releasing he foundations in 2012 but I hope they will be better than other previous "flops" by UD with face makeup. UD has great eye products but like I've said in a previous post I'm falling outta love with them.

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