What are your 'MUST BUY' from Danse Collection


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Hi guys,
Im torn with this collection coz I want the whole of the collection. Again WHOLEEEE of them, but it is so IMPOSSIBLE due to the money constraint. So guys, what you will definetely buy from this collection and why? Maybe you could help me to decide..


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I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Glissade and I'll probably buy Lightscapade too, depending on how the reviews are after it comes out because I'm a little confused about what it is supposed to accomplish. I definitely need Glissade though!!


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My must buy items are both MSF's. Everything else I can do without (but don't plan to), but those MSF's will be mine for sure!


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both msf's for sure, and the two new pigments only because i collect them. wait! if they pull another entremauve on me, i wont be purchasing the pigments. i was so disappointed when i couldnt even really see the diff between that one and the grape.

from pics, the new pigs looks like golders green and azreal blue but i hope they dont look the same irl.


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The MSFs, for sure. I've actually not really focused on the rest, as I'm so excited about the MSFs! Lightscapade is so pretty!


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msfs, and that's probably it. unless the quad is amazing. probably not though. mac's latest collections have left me less than than enthused.


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Both MSF, depending how they look on me.

I'm interested in the quad, but I'll have to wait until I see it in person.

The other items look like things I already have from MAC.


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Ohhhh... I am definately getting both MSFs, they are both so beautiful! and depending on the texture of the pigments i'd like to get those too! I wear more greens than blues, though.
and a lipglass, but i am torn on which one, so maybe all of them.

I understand what you mean about wanting it all but not being able to get all of it.


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the pigments, danse l/s n a l/g to go along with it. i wanna check out the msfs because i've never ever used msfs so i wanna see what all the hype is about!


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i'll be getting both msf's and pigments w/ backups of course. doesn't matter if they'll look like the other piggies, i just have to get them! different name mean different piggies for my collection... then i may get the quad or a couple of the e/s if they tug at my heart when i'm at the counter. guess, i'll be starting the new year broke!


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I want that Lightscapade skinfinish, and the blue and green pigments. That's all.

I plan on getting one Lightscapade for me, and one for my sister.


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I never know if I truly want something until I see it in person. But just from pictures I want:

* Pastorale pigment
* Curtsy and Classical lipsticks
* Sacred White nailpolish
* En Pointe lipglass

Maybe, if it's not totally invisible on:

*Lightskape MSF

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