What are your 'MUST BUY' from Danse Collection


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I have to see them in person but atm I'm most attracted to:
Glissade MSF
Rite of Spring e/s and possible Jete too

I'm not sure yet whether I want En Pointe or Standing Ovation l/g, the colors in the promo pic seem a little off compared to the descriptions. Sames goes for the lipsticks, my favorite here is Classical. I'll only buy Lightscapade MSFs if it does great things lol! I'll skip the pigments, the liners and the nailpolishes.


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I'll skip everything if I can have Spike.


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Everyone is raving about the MSFs, all I know for certain that I will be buying Glissade. It's the first peachy highlighter, so it's definetely a must-have!!

I haven't looked at any of the other items in this collection, but are the lipglasses/lipsticks of this collection any good?


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Well, my "must own" are the silver lipglass, lightscapade msf, and pastorale pigment.
but in reality, i've been saving and selling off stuff to get everything from this collection except the brightest coralish lippie and the nailpolishes.


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Both MSF's for sure! But I'll probably end up getting most of this collection...it looks so soft and pretty and feminine.


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Originally Posted by gummybug
I'll skip everything if I can have Spike.

Who wouldn't


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At least 2 each of Glissade and Lightscapade and the Quad.

At least both of the new VP eyeshadows, the others seems to light.

Pastorale pigment.

And maybe Pas-de-duex and Corps-de-Ballet lipglosses.

After Couture, I think that is all my wallet can handle.


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- Lightscapade
- maaaybe Glissade (depending on how much it looks like Stereo Rose and/or Petticoat)
- possibly Pastorale pigment


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I definitely want Glissade. My friends gave me some store vouchers for my birthday, and I'm hoarding them up in anticipation of a new MSF!


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I have to say that minus the usual brushes, mascara, and nail polishes that usually come with the collections, I think that I am going to have to get everything else.
I think this collection is so beautiful plus I usually use my Christmas money on the after holiday MAC collection.
This collection reminds me a lot of the Madame B collection and I loved that one. MAC danse is the one collection that I am totally looking forward to!


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Without seeing it in person, the only thing that is currently lighting my fire is French Grey eyeshadow. And that looks so much like Satin Taupe that I'm not sure if it's worth it, beautiful or not. Come on MAC! Let's get original!

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