What Disco'd product do you miss the most and why?


Matte2 eyeshadows are so amazing.. Its one of my fave MAC eyeshadow formulas. I really wish they'd bring back some of the old shades or come out with new ones. Mega Metal eyeshadows also make that list. Im still bummed I missed out on a few of those.


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HyperReal foundation and Test Pattern lip liner. HyperReal always photographed beautifully and I got so many compliments when I used it.

Test Pattern liner worked so well when I wanted to wear nude lippies since i have pretty pigmented lips. It kept me from looking like a corpse if I wore it under the nudes.


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I also miss hyperreal foundation & powder. I sometimes mix strobe cream with SFF but it's not the same :( a reasonable dupe for hyperreal powder is UK brand Sleek's iridescent pressed powder


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It's not that I miss these products, it's that I never purchased them and wish I had:

Mac Petal Point blush and Nars Crazed blush....they look like such beautiful colors that I NEED...lol


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Still upset I never got a chance to own MAC's Samoa Silk eyeshadow. I own Kid and love, love, love the finish and found out Samoa Silk is in the same finish. I'm obsessed with peachy eyeshadows so I was definitely bummed


MAC Dazzleglass from original launch: Miss Fizz.... It was pink with blue/teal and purple sparkles... I have a little left and I use it only on special occasions. I pray that MAC re-releases it. I'm not even a fan of gloss and glitter but that one was for sure my kryptonite. I doubt I will back to mac the package either since I covet it so much.

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Some of the creamier shadesticks (ever notice that some dried out super fast, while others stayed creamier? I never understood why!). I miss the creamy ones. Also, it seems like all my favorite products are limited edition so I just miss a ton of those - like Sakura blush. Even on my pale skin it works. I have 2 I tracked down at CCO's about a year ago. also miss the colored paint pots. And i agree in regards to the pigment - i hate the newer jars.
shadesticks :(

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