What Disco'd product do you miss the most and why?


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I saw Simoa Silk on the list and was SO sad also Silver Dusk......WHYYY?!


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I never got Spring Bean, but I wish I had. I love unique lipglasses. I love Best of Breed, too.
Same...I love Spring Bean...it tones down lipsticks that are too bright and also my lips, which are quite pigmented. I use it once in awhile...it may go bad before I use it up, but if I use it, it`s gone *sob*


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I too miss Strata but I also love the LE lipstick called Myself. It just rereleased with A Novel Romance. It's my all-time fave MAC lippy and I bought a bunch for backups. It's an absolutely perfect nude for me. I can't believe MAC won't make it permanent (just for me) haha. I also miss Kid eyeshadow.
I loved the lipstick from the mac Wonder Woman collection emancipation and the lipstick watch me simmer from mac cook collection !!! Need to become permanents

Judy Blue

I would love to see again the mega metal eyeshadows (I own one and it is beyond amazing) Carbonized e/s, hot nights blush and the baremy soul quad. I still regret not getting it when i saw it available in my store, such a beautiful quad :(


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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Newly minted has been discontinued? Mine recently broke :( Its totally shattered and I think I lost half of it. Tried to fix it wit rubbing alcohol but I dont think its the same color anymore :(


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I miss the Heroine lip liner. Mac is bringing the Fashion Boost lip liner. I wish they would bring the Heroine liner to go with the lipstick.


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I'd love to try all the original old old pigments... brass, copper frost, bronze, royal blue, Auburn, turquoise, purple matte, mustard etc ... plus many more.

Tammy Hope

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Emphatic lipstick. It was the perfect pink with the perfect finish. I wore it every day! I wish they would bring it back.


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I was so hurt when I realized that they discontinued the lipgelees! Amber Rousse was my absolute favorite grab-n-go lipgloss.

Another item that I miss, and could KICK myself for not buying 20 of, was Icon Eyes. It was an eye kohl from the Diana Ross collection back in 2004 or 2005. I still have my one pencil and I use it sparingly. But it's my all-time favorite liner.


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If I knew then what I know now I would have tripled up on Spring Bean lustreglass when I had the chance.