What do ya'll do for a living?


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Just wanted to see what you guys do for a living.

Me.. right now I'm a Loan Officer Assistant at Chase Home Finance. Going to be a Loan Officer (I was previously at Countrywide) but just needed a foot in the door cause I took off for 8 months while I was pregnant. Also a Notary Public and working to get my Real Estate license.

Also, mommy of two boys (4 & 7 months) and wife for 1 yr & 1/2.

I think that's it...

Oh, free-lance makeup artist w/ own business.


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I'm a technical procedure writer at a nuclear power plant. I've been with the company for 18 years, but have been in this position for 6. I've had 3 career changes during my employment there.

I am also a wife, a step-mom to a 15-year-old step-daughter, and a mommy to an Australian cattle dog X and 3 feminine kitties.

I am a total MAC, LUSH and Partylite addict!!! These addictions are my little escapes from my very busy life!!! Nothing beats stress better and makes a girl feel great, than a MAC or candle shopping spree or a long, luxurious LUSH bath!


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I'm an office manager for a sub-contractor for cable. I get away with murder here. Its great. outrageous makeup/hair/piercings/tattoos. I get away with it all. aannnd I work with all males so now bitchy females to deal with. bhahahaa


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I am in college full time(taking 7 classes) but I was a cashier at a retail store blah but now I am running out of my savings so I am applying for nanny positions and temp agency's.
I wish I could find a regular job but it is hard with my school schedule :/


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I design children's educational software for a publisher.. do a lot of illustration, animation, and I also design all the packaging...


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I'm a College teacher, and I teach Computer and Math courses. So, I am looking forward to a couple months off this summer...


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DayCare provider but only for one child. I don't like to have more than 2.

Dispatch, I move trucks. Basically when a "load" as from Nestle needs to get to NY. I find a truck driver to drive the load.

Ad designer, I help a few companies with ad campaigns. Mostly for wine companies.

Part-time makeup artist in my sparetime. I am in a contract where if the head MA needs help she will call me. It involves traveling a good bit of time. Usually we just fly to the location and come back that night. Mostly just weekend work.

It sounds like I am always working but really I have tons of free time. I am pretty organized and can manage to get my 2 main jobs done early in the morning.
I do all my jobs from home except for the MA. A few times a month I do have to meet with compaines for ads but it's mostly done at home.


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I am a part time stay at home mom, and a part time caregiver for disabled kids. One of these days I'll go back to school, but I'm waiting until Graham is old enough for school


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Teacher, (who now wants to know how to get a job like 'Nessa with the dispatch) I teach special education, (and want to get a position teaching HS History and or English again.)

In the summer I am a SAHM to three children. Would love to go back to college for more useless degrees preferably in History and want to become a freelance makeup artist.


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I ammm a full time sudent (taking 6 classes). I work at a children's clothing store 2 days a week and then the rest of my time is devoted to nannying-- which i loooooooove! i get paid VERY VERY well! Almost double what other students are making and its not taxed. i loooove my job!


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i am a receptionist at my stepdad's dental office, i used to be a dental assistant/ortho assistant but now i am A LOT LESS STRESSED OUT


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Professional Body Piercer at a studio called Strange City: A Body Modification Experience...been doing it for 3 1/2 years.


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web.graphic designer/interactive coordinator for hot 97 in nyc (hip hop radio station)
and i assist an artist management company
freelance web/graphics on the side
hmm thats all


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I'm an assistant event planner. I work from home 90% of the time. I'm just tied to the phone and the computer all day. Winter is a sloooow work time for me, so I have been pretty bored for the last few months.