What is good from Revlon?


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I am going abroad in about a month, to a country that has Revlon products. Is this a good line? What is worth getting from them? TIA!


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I think the nail polish is pretty good, and always have a bottle of at least their quick dry top coat on hand. I also think that their liquid face illuminator, called Skinlights, is pretty awesome, I use it alone (has an spf 15) or under mineral foundation. Another one of the Revlon products I have purchased several times is their Wet/Dry eyeliner, my favorite is 07 Raisin Rage, a warm shimmery raisin brown color that stays on really well. I am not sure if they make it anymore, though.

As for most of their other stuff, it is ok, but I think there are better lines for the same prices.

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Some things in Revlon are good. They make decent lipstick and pretty good powder and foundation. I used to use their liquid eyeliner.

I'm not a fan of their shadows now that I buy better brands, but they always hold a special place in my heart, because they were the first eyeshadows I used


I think Revlon's lipsticks are very good especially Super Lustrous. Their Super Lustrous lipglosses and Super Lustrous Shiny Sheers are great too. And I'm really liking their LipGlides but they seem to getting phased out at a lot of stores I visit.

Their Colorstay eyeshadow quads are good but some shades are a bit too shiny for my taste.

But then again I'm a real Revlon fan.


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Things I have and like:

Super Lustrous lipgloss
Colorstay Eyeliners
Nail polish (the recent ones, Dark Pleasures and Sweet Nothings are very pretty)


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I agree with all the other suggestions! The Colorstay Eyeliners are very, very nice. Good lasting power, at least for me on the inner rim, and well pigmented. There is one shade, Vixen, that is a sort of a blackened plum, berryish shade. The black is very deep, as well.

The lipglosses are fairly opaque, and not at all tacky. Which I like, but I know some people prefer a stickier gloss.

If you are able to find the limited edition line from Revlon, I hear very good things about the new Make A Sheen shadows, and the Floral Affair blushes. Nicely pigmented, smooth, et cetera. I can't speak to their quality myself, though, I haven't seen them yet.

All and all Revlon is a pretty good brand, not a lot by them has disappointed me. I'd stay away from their mascaras, though, I never found one that worked for me from them.


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The superlustrous lipglosses are great ...and i just bought the new renewist lipstick they have in that clear tube ..im not sure about the pacakaging but the formula is really nice ..its soft, smooth, feels moisturizing and stayed on me for a few hours before i had to re apply a bit.

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Their foundation new complexion is nice. One of the best drugstore foundations I've used. Their colourstay eyeliner is really popular but I've never tried it. I like their eyeshadow quads.


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I'm a big fan of revlon. I love their eyeshadow quads ( though some are a little hit and miss when it comes to pigmentation, but hey, what are you gonna do? I use the tricker ones with a bit of eyeshadow sealant and it all works out okay ), their lipsticks, and I recently started using their colorstay foundation for oily skin, which I really, really love. It's a little hard to get off, but eh, for the coverage it provides and how long it lasts, I can't complain.


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def the super lustrous lipglosses. i like the nail polishes. the new complexion foundation (its a creme in a ugly compact lol) is the closest drugstore brand i have found that ranks 2nd to my mac moistureblend foundation. and i also agree with everyone about the colorstay eyeliners. pretty good. i must say the drugstore brands are really raising their prices. its getting almost pointless to dabble with drugstore products when they are only a few bucks cheaper than higher end brands


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Thanks everyone for your input!


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Their Super Lustrous Glosses are pretty good, but the colour range is a bit unimaginative.

Lipsticks - horrible imo. Disgusting smell, taste & packaging!

Eyeshadows - horrible, no pigmentation whatsoever, doesn't stay

I like their Skinlights illuminating fluid a LOT but I think it's been discontinued?


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i bought the skinlights not long ago - one colour is still being made, the peachy colour. The SA i was speaking to said it was just being repackaged/renamed and the colours tweaked a little


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Colorstay foundation with softflex is an enormous improvement from their original heavy formulation. It comes in a huge range of natural shades and it goes on without streaking or caking, its a stellar product. The eyeshadows in quads are chalky as hell. Superlusterous lipsticks are really nice, and they don't fall out of their tubes like some brands can....the glosses are really nice too. The blushes are boring, Colorstay lipliner is a great,lasting product, the eyeliner won't run either, the powders are very mediocre, their antiaging foundations are too pink and dissapear totally in the space of a few hours or oxidize (unlike Colorstay which makes it rather more amazing). The 3D mascara is very nice, limited edition products like lip sugar, and lip stain are overpriced and don't deliver.....the nail products line has the nicest shades of any drugstore line!


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I love the ColorStay foundation! I pair it up with primer and there is only minimal fading from 6am to 10pm!! And I love their ColorStay concealer too, partly because it contains Saliclyic Acid, and has incredible staying power.

And, in agreement with everyone else here, I love their nail polishes. Some of them have the most intense duo-chrome. My favorite color nail polish is actually a Revlon shade called Tidal Wave, but they DCed it and I only just figured out how to dupe it.