What is good from Revlon?


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They have a new product called Bare it All Lustrous Lotion and I think that is supposed to be like Skinlights but on the website it says that it is Limited Edition...boo. There's 4 shades and they look really nice...I'll have to try them since I never had a chance to get my hands on the Skinlights


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Ohh their foundation w/ Soft Flex is something I can't live without!!
The Pressed Powder isn't bad either! I am Buff so the pressed powder matches with the color you have which is cool. I have a hard time matching my powder with foundation so it makes it easy


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eyeshadows are meh... i wouldn't bother. colorstay eyeliners probably worth picking up though. skinlights was horrible, too much comes out the pump and golden light, the colour i picked (i'm around an NC40ish shade) was too orangy and obvious for highlighting even when used sheerly so that's probably not worth ir either.


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They make amazing lipstick, liquid liner and nail polish. And they're animal-friendly, so that makes them even more awesome.
I'd recommend those three product types from Revlon. They're very high quality.


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I don't use buy cosmetics from the drugstore, but Revlon is pretty superior in comparison to other drugstore brands. They're also comparable to department store brands as well. My mom uses a lot of makeup from Revlon & it looks great on her, and long lasting.


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I really like their colorstay foundation - actually found a color that matches my skintone. Also I like their wet/dry eyeliner. I don't wear eyeliner too often, but when I do I always end up grabbing this. It goes on really smooth and I don't like that 'obvious' eyeliner look, so this is great for me.


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I use the BrowFantasy pencil in dark brown. It's the only brown pencil that isn't black and not too orange-red. It has two ends, one with pencil, one with brush on setting goo.

I also really like their nail polishes, I own quite a few. Comparable to higher ends brands.


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Originally Posted by pinkstar
...Revlon is pretty superior in comparison to other drugstore brands. They're also comparable to department store brands as well.

^^ I agree, I think they're definitely one of the better quality drugstore brands.

Originally Posted by 3jane
the molten metal liquid eyeshadows. bronze bomber is fantastic <3

^^ Second. I love this!! I have 'scene steeler' as i'm more into silver colours than golds/bronzes. I think it's really quick and easy to use.


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Revlon is my baby. (I am a drugstore diva.)

Their colorstay foundations are great!

Their colorstay nail colors and regular nail colors are excellent.

Their eyeliners and lip liners are nice.

Everything else is split between L'Oreal and Maybelline for me.


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I got them on a whim, but I have to say that I am absolutely loving their new LE collection A Floral Affiar blushes! Peachy Keen is so stellar!!


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I really like:

Colorstay foundation in combo/oily formula
Colorburst lipsticks (very luxurious feel for a drugstore lipstick, really nice)

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